Qualcomm is working on standalone wireless VR headsets that can also connect to PCs

Qualcomm's new VR headset will be one of the first to function as a stand-alone mobile headset and will also connect to PCs wirelessly. The headphones will be shown at the Games Developers Conference that is currently taking place in San Francisco, and could reach stores in Asia earlier this year, as signaled by CNET . the headphones do not allow you to connect to your PC for a connection to additional VR libraries, but Qualcomm foresees that it is possible in your new reference design called "Boundless XR". The new headset reference design that Qualcomm has designed will work in its own as an independent mobile headset with six degrees of freedom that is also linked to PCs for PC VR games through a 60 GHz connection. The headphones work with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processors.

Latency remains at a low level of 16 ms, according to Qualcomm's claims. The headset is also designed to process VR technology while connected to a PC. Then, in theory, it could help to release some processing power on your PC, although it is not clear how much.

Any PC and console you choose to use the headset with will also need to be compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11ad and run the Qualcomm software. Qualcomm told CNET.

Qualcomm makes a lot of virtual reality reference designs, but only a handful of companies have chosen Qualcomm in those designs, including HTC. Lenovo, and Facebook. Many original equipment manufacturers prefer to continue manufacturing phones, tablets and other devices. Qualcomm says that the first headset with the new reference design will be a Pico Neo2 VR headset from the Chinese company Pico VR. It also says that HTC Vive is another partner that works to "support the new specification through hardware and content," although since this is just a reference design, we may never see it in stores. If it arrives, Qualcomm will have helped make virtual reality games a bit more convenient than before.

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