PUBG Ranking Systems

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds are a little interesting but overall have a somewhat dull ranking system. This ranking system places a greater emphasis on playtime than the actual skill level. The player can reach the top of the ranking system without being close to the top of the skill. To do this, the player needs to play a lot of games. Unless you die within the first few minutes of the game, you will go up the leaderboard. You can get it by spending more time on higher climbing.

Survival Title System

The ranking system of PUBG has 8 titles in it. Starting with the players who are not ranked, these players are new players from the beginning of the season. They have to play 10 games before getting their first real ranking. At the end of 10 matches, you will be given the title "Beginner". Here are novices, skilled professionals, experts, experts and the last survivor. These titles are all accompanied by their own emblem that will be displayed next to the game's feed in the lobby and game of the game.

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How to Rank

The best way to rank is to play and survive. PUBG is only interested in how long you can live. Kill, assists, shoots, and loot have nothing to do with how many points you get for the ranking system at the end of the game. It's just about survival. In other words, to reach the highest rank of "survivor" means that the player does not have to kill anyone. It means that survivor class players know how to survive. At the end of the day, PUBG knows how to play because it is a survival game. Each title has 1000 survival points and moves to the next level. Since there is no relegation method other than survivor rank, you can not lose if you get a new title. Survivor rankings are conducted for the top 1000 athletes in each area. These will be a public match grinder who knows how to play a lot of games and have chicken dinner.


There is no matchmaking of PUBG at present. In other words, people with the title "Survivor" can participate in the same game as those who have the title "Beginner". You can deal with people who bought the game yesterday and people who have thousands of hours of game play. This is a rather big painter for many players. Experienced players want better competition and beginners want a more comfortable learning environment. PUBG will introduce a matchmaking system that will someday encourage PUBG to move up the ranking system to compete with other higher tier players.

Ranking System Rewards

Symbol received when a player climbs the ranking system PUBG also provides end-of-season rewards based on their ranking. These rewards are from footwear to parachuting. When you reach the highest rank of the "survivor", you receive all the rewards from the lower class. These rewards give you some great costumes.

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