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Can I run PUBG on my PC? This question is easy to answer, and the good news is that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have amazingly humble PC system requirements for at least minimal performance. But what are the PUBG game system requirements for playing at 60 fps?


What kind of CPU and graphics card do you need to ensure the gentle performance required for the chicken dinner? We can help you understand that. Below are the game system requirements and recommended system specifications. If you really want to hear the performance, check out the best PUBG setup guide to see how to optimize the frame rate.


We’ve updated our full retesting guide using retail games on the Vikendi map at the end of 2018, so you’ll see the latest results whenever possible. You can also view the performance analysis to see the battlefield benchmarks on all hardware.

Game Minimum System Requirements

According to the developer PUBG Corp., the following is required to run the battlefield of PlayerUnknown on a PC: These specifications are slightly higher than before. The Core i3-4340 is Core i5-4430, the previous 6GB RAM suggestion is now 8GB, and the min specification lists the GTX 960 instead of the GTX 660.

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
  • DirectX: version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 30GB free space

Let’s look at some of the old and new minimum specifications. The previously recommended Intel Core i3-4340 is a 2013 dual-core CPU running at 3.6GHz. The battlefield can run on a low-end CPU without four cores for at least minimal performance.

However, our detailed performance analysis showed that game could be a fairly restrictive CPU, and in fact this is a minimal requirement. The new minimum specification of the Intel Core i5-4430 is more reasonable.

PUBG video game map

The existing graphics requirements are similar. The GTX 660 was released in 2012 and is not a powerful graphics card for modern games. Even with minimal setup, you may have trouble getting the battle to progress at 30 fps on the battlefield. The new GTX 960 minimum is a bit more honest if we do not assume that ‘minimal’ does not work ‘at 30 fps.

Recommended system requirements

The PUBG best settings is not an ideal way to play games, and the game is no exception. There is a kind of hardware that we recommend to actually aim at the battlefield.

  • PUBG support OS: 64 bit Windows 10
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i5-7600K
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or more

DirectX, Internet connection and storage requirements remain unchanged. The game is an older OS that runs normally on Windows 7, but is no longer updated. PUBG Windows 10 is not perfect, but it offers better performance and fixes most Windows 8 mistakes.

Do you prefer pre-production rather than direct production? Stubborn parts like AMD’s Ryzen 5 or Intel’s latest Core i5 will be enough. And when tested in the retail version, the 4-core / 4-threaded Core i3-8100 and Ryzen 3 1300X also ran the game well.

However, if you perform other tasks such as live streaming, you should keep the additional core handy. In particular, dual-core CPUs (Celeron / Pentium and older Core i3) can suffer. In particular, the minimum frame rate that can occur during the most challenging moments of the game can be a problem.

More performance degradation than quad-core CPUs. Now the graphics card. What do I need to run the battlefield at 60 fps or 1080p? According to our performance analysis, the 1060 3GB is powerful enough to run PUBG in real life at 60 fps on 1080p Ultra settings, and drops to 39 fps at its most powerful moment.

On 1080p media, however, the average is over 100 fps and should never drop below 60. Previous generations of the GTX 970 did not go much faster than the GTX 1060 3GB, but when shooting at 60 fps with an entry-level graphics card, lower the setting to lower the frame rate.

Although leaving Early Access, PUBG corporation is still actively developing. We do not anticipate a significant change in performance in the future. The GTX 1060 3GB and 6GB offer great value regardless of cost. AMD’s GPU is great, but it’s a bit behind the expensive Nvidia GPU.

PUBG Update for PC

Previous versions of game preferred Nvidia, but in the retail version with the latest drivers, RX 570/580 and Vega cards were found to be nearly equivalent to GTX 1060/1070/1070 Ti.

The difference is that the frame rate limit of 144 fps is eliminated, resulting in higher frame rates and benefits with better hardware.

We will not say that everyone should upgrade GPUs and monitors in a hurry, but on a 144Hz display with a sufficiently powerful GPU (GTX 1070 / RX Vega 56 or higher) it’s a very different feeling game.

Fast hardware can not replace technology, but nowadays it is almost universally reason enough to work with 144Hz and high definition displays.

PUBG PC Free Download

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