PUBG Download For Xbox

With the 1.0 update that arrived last week, PUBG on Xbox is a solid version of the second most popular battle royal shooting game that has finally lost its janky reputation in the Xbox game preview version. The frame rate is somewhat slower during the lobby area and jump, but with standard Xbox 1.

PUBG for Xbox

There is little problem keeping up to 30 frames per second and there are very few connection problems or disconnections. I have been playing games on standard Xbox 1. Visual is a noticeable downgrade compared to the PUBG PC, version, but some buildings require more time to render fully.


PUBG for Xbox now includes all the features of the PC version. When jumping into the game, you can choose between first person or third person (as first person option). So you can leave people who use unrealistic advantages to look around the edges of three people.

You can also place your partner Duos or a solo combatant with four players. Random grouping is technically possible, but in my experience most people are very disappointed with games that require fewer mics and require clear communication and teamwork. You will want to find friends to play with this friend.

PUBG Xbox Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has systematic and tactical experience with other battle royal shooters – especially compared to Fortnite. In fact, The game is like avoiding combat until you get the same power as actually scoring. It not only makes the peak much more exciting, but it can also bore painful bass.

It emphasizes making fun of the battle royal genre by laughing hysterically when grabbing a bunker from behind the fire by an enemy squad, guiding a teammate on a compass, or misaligning the sides.

However, considering the size of the three maps and slow pacing, a sniper on the top of a mountain can be shot in the head with a game stretched over 20 minutes without looking at one person. Because PUBG Ranks has a much more realistic tone, you can not magically find building walls in thin air, grappling hooks, rocket launchers or Thanos crossovers

Instead, each piece of gear you find is semi-logically placed in a building around the landscape after the apocalypse. We start with no items at all, but everyone has two main weapon slots, one side arm slot, one cast slot and two archives.

Backpacks, kevlar and helmets are all layered from level 1 to level 3, but each gun is made the same as any other type of gun. Therefore, the color classification rarity differs between different AKM or M416 rifles. Instead, you find an attachment to the course of the match to improve your weapon.

PUBG New Update

The biggest advantage of this system is that you can incentivize to constantly loot and find better equipment. Until we reached the end – I dropped the loot box, including high end equipment and weapons. The more serious tone of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not easy to access, but its cohesive attitude and strong core premise make everything tie very well without feeling discomfort.

This means that if this is the first battle royal shooting game, there is a strong learning curve, especially considering that all three maps are very different from each other. Erangel is a modern landmark full of small towns, military bases, hybrid prisons, hospitals, schools and is a key landmark.

Even with 2 different maps rotating, Erangel is still my favorite. Circle closing speed, car spawning balance, distance between buildings, trees and other cover points are all perfect. Obviously, this PUBG new map was the longest and received the greatest love and attention.

While it is actually the same size as Erangel, the desolate landscape, the lack of plants and plain trim aesthetics feel much louder when it was first impressive. But it also looks more empty. It sucks. Vehicles are harder to come by, and you can usually find enemies crossing a secluded desert, miles away.

Tensions and anxieties certainly increase because you are always exposed, but there are often times people who are looking for the most randomly placed range rather than actual skills in fire fighting. That’s why mummy is not easily your favorite. The completely opposite end of the spectrum is the third and most recent map is Sanhok.

A jungle environment full of lush greenery and tropical huts, half the size of the other two maps. Despite the difference in size, the same number of players will drop, so more bullets will fly much faster. Even if you think you are far away from the plane’s flight path in a matter of seconds, you can not see anyone.

The disadvantage of Sanhok is that the crazy dash that finds guns at the start and brings out neighbors can feel defenseless if they are not fortunate because of the robbery. But it is an excellent design map that feels like a condensed version of Erangel if you can get past the fuzzy first.

As an added bonus, the exclusive new QBZ machine gun at Sanhok injects bullets like no one does business, and I like it. Each PUBG map has proprietary items, firearms, vehicles, and other minor adjustments, but the interval and progression of each leg is generally the same.

Once the circle is too small, everyone can be careful because they can assume that survivors have more firepower than you. The tension of the remaining 10 to 15 PUBG games is touched, so you can feel addictive and experience more.

Game review for Xbox

PUBG also boasts an optional event path DLC inspired by the Fortnite Battle Pass. As you progress through the game, you will complete the achievements that contribute to the level, along with the event or season, and earn XP. When you purchase an Event Pass at any time, you will receive all previously “unlocked” skins and items, as well as all items you will get from the game in the future.

I already pay for PUBG tips to make in-game currency to purchase a box full of custom options, so I do not feel that the event pass is worth it. It is essentially a mechanism that allows you to spend more time with more specific goals and objectives that help you keep things fresh.

But I am trying to find a good reason to buy since the standard version of PUBG game has already got too many random cosmetic items.

The main difference between PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds event Pass and Fortnite’s Battle Pass is that Fortinet’s entire rattle royale mode is completely free to play. As a result, paying a little extra for unlocking and bonus is not a big deal, and actually getting is good value PUBG geta on the other hand, is a paid game and offers a paid DLC pass to get additional in-game rewards.

It is basically an option for cosmetics only, but it does not feel a lot better when compared to everything. PUBG v1.0 of the Xbox One runs smoothly, has three massive different maps, and includes a multitude of weapons, equipment, and items for the most deadly online games.

A unique brand of tense, realistic shooting combined with a slow tactical battle keeps the game fresh and exciting even after hundreds of matches. It will try again with a hard-to-resist PUBG chicken dinner victory.

PUBG Download for Xbox

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