PUBG Competitive Settings Changes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently announced a professional sports league and used a unified rule set in all regions and PUBG competition tournaments. This article discusses the changes in the rules and their impact on the competitive scene.

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The rule set for competitive play is a scoring system. Previously, we preferred murder placement using a scoring system for North America, Europe, and elsewhere. Previously it was far more important to put the team in the top 5 than to kill the other team. The new scoring system changed it. Now each kills is 1 point, and victory is 10 points. This will entice the team to kill rather than deploy. Afterall, 5 times Place is like killing three enemies. In the old ranking system, 5 th places are equivalent to killing 14 enemies. It is a very different point. If you sum all the points in a game, the previous ranking system is 70% placement points and 30% kills points. It has now changed and each game has 65% kills and 35% placement points. New Scoring System

New Scoring System : 1 point 10 points263 5 [4] [5] [4] [5] [4] [5] [4] [5] 19659009] 1 191011
] 01200140
0016 0 Kill

1 Old Scoring System [19659000] 1
10108060121212 Another big change in the competition rule set is that it is possible to use the Loot Settings

14142010 [16] 19659011] Kill

16 [19659000] Loot setting. Previously, the booty setting for competition was slightly higher than the general public. Sniper rifles and designated Markman rifles are spawned 1.3 times as often, and rifles are spawned 1.5 times as often. More settings for new competing products have been changed. PUBG increased the base booty by 1.8 times. That means 1.8 times the spoils for everything. In addition, they launched a sniper rifle and built a Mark rifle three times. In other words, these two rifle classes are actually 5.4 times more generated than the previous setting. A player in a new competitive environment rarely finds the gun he wants and the gun he wants with his armor. With the new competitive product setup, you can easily find a complete load-out that is rarely found with previous predicament settings.

Circle setup

Circle setup is another aspect of PUBG’s recent competitiveness. The new circle setup creates a shorter but similar late game at the beginning and middle of the game. Players do not need much time to loot because they can find loot to compete faster. PUBG realized this and reduced the time before the first circle moved to almost half. The wait time for the second stage circle to start closing is also reduced by almost one minute. Each subsequent round is shortened by 20-30 seconds. Previous circle settings for competition could devote more time to looting, making decisions, fighting and bringing more downtime. With the new Circles setting, you can play at a faster pace and team up at a faster pace. This system works well with new score and weakness settings.


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