Programmer finds ridiculous ATM loophole that let him withdraw $1 million in cash

It sounds like it came straight from the movie. An unsatisfied bank programmer finds the perfect way to throw money at an ATM.

The South China Morning Post (19659003) and China's Daily Economic News reported that the 43-year-old Qin Qisheng was ridiculed in a cash machine (ATM) operated by Huaxia Bank Using the loopholes, they all earned a million dollars.

According to the report, the banking system can not properly record withdrawals around midnight, effectively discharging cash without removing the gross amount from the user's account. Qisheng has inserted a script into the system that does not warn you, although a red flag can usually indicate that the transaction failed.

Qisheng began to withdraw money in November 2016, but by January 2018, the bank later found 1,358 withdrawals that found bad code on the system and brought him to the authorities.

Perhaps this is the most surprising part of the story. The bank did not want to put pressure on it after giving it back. Huaxia Bank seems to be afraid of bad credit (apparently the loophole has already been modified), Huaxia Bank told the police to dismiss the case. According to Qisheng's explanation, he tested the security of the bank and said he was holding money in the bank. reclaim. Likewise,

The court rejected, but Qisheng is facing a 10 and a half year imprisonment after the current appeal is lost. He did not take over the money because he had invested in the stock market by transferring the money to a private bank account rather than a bank account.

] I have seen a great deal of co-operation with the ATM robbery in recent years, and the FBI warned me more, but it's kind of fun to imagine this one person saving like someone else's gain for retirement [19659009]