Pro Feel Golf Cheats

Looking for a realistic mobile golf experience? It should be added that “real” is generally related to mobile games, but Pro Feel Golf may be the game for you. In short, with this iOS title you can do more than just aim for the lowest score possible. You can also upgrade your golf clubs and play against your friends in a multiplayer competition. We want to make this game equivalent to Tiger Woods or at least get the lowest (highest) score, so there are a few Pro Feel Golf cheats, you can try.

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Pro Feel Golf Cheats

  • Free bronze pack
  • Free silver pack
  • Free iron pack
  • Free VIP Membership
  • Free gold pack
  • Favorite Power Up Pack
  • Free platinum pack
  • Free diamond pack
  • Free starter pack
  • Free power-up variety pack

How to use these cheats

  • Click the Hack Now button to open the page generator.
  • Please enter your username or mail.
  • Select the desired resource or offer pack.
  • Wait for a while while the server is processing the request. (We also show process details).
  • If the generator is working, it will display the verification of the person to avoid spam or robots.
  • If the constructor doesn’t show a person check, reload the current page and start over from the first step.
  • When everything is done, you will be returned to the generator page to see the status.
  • Are you opening the game on your device, have resources, and are you ready to use it?

Now it’s time to give you Pro Feel Golf tips and tricks to be the best player in the game.

Add spin to your shot

Tapping the center of the golf ball has no rotation when flying the shot, but tapping somewhere else has an interesting effect. For example, top spin (tapping on the ball) reduces carry (total distance) and increases run (distance after first bounce). Backspin or tap at the bottom performs the opposite to increase and decrease carry. Tap on the left to dim the ball and tap on the right to draw.

Quick Tap Master

As you progress through Pro Feel Golf you will find that you need to tap faster and faster. Wild shots get used to them because they are not good at games. And if you think you’ll hit the wrong shot, don’t tap the screen. Instead, wait until the ball meter is full and wait for it to descend again. This will clear your shot and give you another chance.

Participate in Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are not an integral part of the Pro Feel Golf gaming experience, but it’s probably better to play the game as with many “optional” mini games and challenges. Especially in Pro Feel Golf’s daily newspaper you’ll get more coins for upgrades and new gear. However, you will want to act quickly because these daily tasks are only provided for a few hours, not all day.

Combine spin

We talked about top spins, back spins and side spins, but do you know you can combine them to get through certain obstacles? You may want to try different combinations depending on the obstacles you encounter.

Keep an eye on the putting grid

This is important because it shows you whether the course is on a downhill road (blue) or uphill (red). Plan your shots carefully and use your putting grid to plan ahead.

Play 3 people instead of playing only one star

You may think it’s all good to put things on one star and move on to the next level. However, there is a reward for exceeding and targeting 3 stars. The more stars you get, the more upgrades you get. But how can I get 2 or 3 stars? It’s simple – record goals for each level, including, but not limited to, specific golf club use or power ups.

So these were some Pro Feel Golf Cheats, tips and tricks, you might like, if you have any question you can comment us below.

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