President Trump, citing “tremendous complaints,” says he’s looking seriously at upcoming JEDI contract said to favor Amazon


The US Department of Defense UU He is looking for a contractor to move to the cloud, and has plans to award a contract worth more than $ 10 billion to a single winner next month. The contract, which competitors have been saying unfairly favors Amazon's web services, would modernize and consolidate many of the various IT participations in the Department of Defense, making information more accessible, more secure and easier to maintain. Last week, Oracle lost a legal fight over irregularities in the handling of the contractual procedures of Amazon and the Department of Defense, citing a former Amazon employee hired by the Department of Defense to work on the contract of "JEDI (Joint Enterprise) Defense Initiative) ", even though Since then, the employee has left the Pentagon to meet with Amazon.

Now, in today's comments in the White House, President Donald Trump has intervened in the management of the contract award, saying that "he is receiving tremendous complaints about the contract with the Pentagon." and with Amazon. " Trump has had a long dispute with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, a newspaper that frequently criticizes the President. Bloomberg News reports that Trump plans to see the situation "very closely"

"I'll ask you to look closely to see what's going on," Trump said in apparent reference to the Department of Defense, "because I've had very few things Where there have been so many complaints, not only complaining about the media, or at least asking questions about the media, but also complaints from different companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, the big companies complain about it. "

Bloomberg reports that it is rare for a commander-in-chief to intervene in defense contracts, with "extensive laws and regulations" to prevent political officials from influencing the outcome of contracts. However, as Bloomberg reports, even to "highlight" the process could have an effect on the outcome.

With the long-awaited JEDI award given to Amazon and Microsoft, the winner could not only win billions in defense spending. , but also take a firm position of the dominant position in cloud computing.

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