PowerPoint AI gets an upgrade and Designer surpasses a major milestone of 1 billion slides

You may be stressed in your presentation. You have goals and want to succeed, that is when fear, stress, and discomfort become reality. Are you ready? Can I deliver messages through presentations? Can you deliver your presentation in a way that is effective and maximizes your success? These are the real feelings that many people face when they present their presentations.

Years ago, the PowerPoint team battled AI and started working on the PowerPoint Designer. We wanted to help our customers overcome their fear of creating an effective slide by suggesting a proposed slide design. We've added the ability to turn a text slide into a visual element, such as a process diagram and a timeline, and to an element with many wishes, starting with the task of making a photo slide attractive. More recently, we have begun to supplement text with the design.

Today we not only set an important milestone in the use of the PowerPoint Designer, but also announced new Designer features that offer great, high-quality content. Provide point of view suggestions for quantitative content. And yes, at the moment, "Wait a minute, there is more", we are ready to say that AI efforts are moving beyond designers with a new AI presenter coach to help users gain confidence in their presentation skills.

PowerPoint's designers have exceeded one billion slide marks.

Designer offers millions of slide suggestions to PowerPoint users. If someone decides to insert a design proposal, we value the proposal. Indeed, the adoption rate of these slides has increased astronomically over the past few years and has set an important milestone for one billion slides made with designers since its launch in April 2019.

 A graph showing the momentum of a designer, 1 Designer

Today, we use momentum to help people in big and small businesses use branding templates and have some new features Presented at the designer. Users who do not have a branded template to get started quickly with theme ideas. This new feature is designed to help people stay creative and help them make effective slides and presentations with minimal time and effort.

Get intelligent design recommendations and retain brands in Designer for brand templates

The biggest question for customers was to make Designer work well with your company's brand templates. With the release of designers for branded templates, companies can ensure that design recommendations that people can see comply with corporate branding and visual identity verification guidelines.

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Design ideas that people see when working with brand templates are created directly from the layout of the Slide Master using the contents of user slides. The designer's artificial intelligence picks the layout that works best for your content, intelligently crops the image, and automatically suggests related icons and pictures. Organizations can design templates for optimal designer support and broaden their choices.

In today's fast-paced work environment, people can take a lot of time and create visually engaging and immersive presentations with AI-based features like a designer. With just a few clicks, users can now use a branded layout to get a streamlined experience without having to work on the fly using the templates in the organization.

Designer theme ideas make it easy to create beautiful decks from scratch.

You do not have a branded template, but you need a designer if you want: You can get started quickly and easily, so the designer will introduce themes. Now the presentation is easier than ever. When you open a blank presentation and type words on the slide, the designer recommends that you choose a new high-quality picture that reflects the slide text, theme style, and complementary colors. These photos are licensed for commercial use and can be combined with one of PowerPoint's high-quality themes and their corresponding color schemes to make it easier to create visually effective presentations with minimal effort.

 An animated image of the design idea appears.

Designer themes released for Office 365 subscribers in PowerPoint for Windows, Mac, and Windows.

Easily understand data by adding designer perspectives to slides

You can display data on slide decks. People are challenging because it is difficult to conceptualize large, unfamiliar measures. Research published by Microsoft Research shows that adding references that relate to large numeric values ​​makes information easier to understand and has a longer retention period. This is why PowerPoint Designer added this feature.

Thanks to the integration with Microsoft Research's perspective engine, designers can find it difficult to interpret large numbers on slides, Maybe. With the addition of perspectives, the Designer makes digit slides more digestible and helps presenters effectively communicate information. For example: The size of Afghanistan, which is 652,232 km², is difficult to interpret, but adding it to "equivalent to the size of Texas is easy to understand". These relative measures now appear automatically in Designer.

The Designer Perspective is currently being deployed to Office 365 Subscribers. The designer perspective is currently available in English only.

Put the following presentation in your fingertip with Presenter Coach for PowerPoint for the Web.

Everyone from the classroom to the boardroom is believed to be able to improve their presentations. Through education and feedback, people can gain confidence and achieve their personal and professional goals. Over the past few years, we have received feedback from educators, students, and customers that people want to be able to easily practice presentations to improve their public speaking skills.

Today we announced that the presenter coach will be coming soon in PowerPoint. Presenting in front of a live audience is an important life skill. Based on academic research and on-the-job learning, you can integrate presentation best practices into Presenter Coach to help people make better presentations.

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This feature allows you to enter rehearsal mode and receive onscreen instructions for pacing, generic language, filler word usage, and culturally insensitive phrases. Even when you read a slide, you can see it. At the end of each rehearsal session, you will receive detailed reports with dimensions for additional exercises. Presenter Coach will be available on the Web at PowerPoint this summer.

We will release these new features to our customers and wait for ongoing feedback to improve PowerPoint. Thank you for your amazing trip.

Read More Here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2019/06/18/powerpoint-ai-upgrade-designer-major-milestone-1-billion-slides/

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