Porsche’s Taycan will be the first car with a built-in Apple Music app

The Porsche Taycan will not only be the first fully electric car of the German manufacturer, but it will be the first car to present a built-in Apple Music application. This means that you can access the music library of the music streaming service, selected playlists and the Beats 1 radio station, without the need to connect a smartphone. Porsche says it plans to offer customers three years of complementary data in the car, and will also provide up to six months of free Apple Music to new and existing Porsche owners.

Although it has previously been possible to listen to Apple Music in cars compatible with CarPlay (which Porsche has supported since 2015), this is the first time that Apple's music streaming service is available as a native application in any car. Combined with the announcement that Apple is putting iTunes on Samsung TVs, the measure shows how Apple feels increasingly comfortable putting its applications and services on non-Apple hardware. Making your services available on a wide range of devices will be important for the company, as it moves toward relying on service subscriptions to get more of its revenue.

Like In addition to making the application available in the Taycan, Porsche says it can control Apple Music using its patented voice control system, and can create a personalized Apple Music station from any song you listen to while listening to the radio broadcast. Porsche also plans to produce exclusive playlists that will only be available through Apple Music. You can link your Taycan and Apple IDs to eliminate the need to enter a password or pair your phone.

Beyond Taycan, TechCrunch reports that Porsche eventually intends to add the Apple Music application to any of its new vehicles that can support the service.

We still don't know if Porsche plans to add Android Auto to its vehicles. Although there was a rumor that the automaker planned to offer it soon, the Porsche CEO told TechCrunch that more than 80 percent of car owners own an iPhone in the United States, suggesting that Android support might not be very useful a priority. There were also reports in 2015 that Porsche was not happy with the amount of data that Google collects through Android Auto. Since then, Google has denied the collection of the amount of data suggested by the report.

If you want to get an idea of ​​how the car could work, then the fully loaded YouTube channel recently took an almost final version of the car to drive. The Porsche Taycan will be officially presented in September and will go on sale before the end of the year.

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