Police just took down a massive dark web marketplace in Germany

A police operation led by Europol arrested three people who allegedly ran the Wall Street market, allegedly the second largest "dark web" market in the world. The authorities also confiscated the servers of the site and more than € 550,000 (around $ 615,000) in cash, plus Bitcoin and Monero "in six-digit quantities", which could add up to a huge sum. (A single bitcoin is currently quoted for $ 5,700 and Monero is quoted for around $ 65).

The arrests were part of Europol's "Dark Web Team" operations, and they are only the latest in a series of repression in the dark web market. As German police arrested Wall Street market suspects, Finnish police seized another market known as Silkkitie or Valhalla, and US police arrested two suspected drug traffickers.

According to Europol, the Wall Street market had more than 1.15 million users and 5,400 sellers of drugs, malware and other illegal materials. ZDNet notes that it was already in crisis: apparently, the owners were executing an "exit scam" where they ran away with money from the vendors, some employees seemed to be blackmailing the users threatening to reveal their identities and a moderator

A statement from the Department of Justice indicates that the owners of Wall Street Market had been trying to abandon the business after receiving more scrutiny and an influx of new users, probably due to the closure of Dream Market, which was previously The biggest dark web market. But when the suppliers discovered that their money was gone on April 16, "this led the German authorities to execute a series of arrest and search warrants."

During the last few years, the police have pursued dark markets on the Internet, which promise anonymous and non-traceable transactions. The Tor network: eliminating its creators and sowing paranoia about its operations. In some cases, they have even secretly hijacked platforms and kept them running, collecting details about buyers and sellers for future arrests.

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