Poland has filed a complaint against the European Union’s copyright directive

According to Reuters Poland officially challenged the European Union's recently approved and controversial copyright law, which would lead to unwanted censorship. The country yesterday filed a complaint with the Court of Justice.

Poland's Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Konrad Shimanski said: "This system will adopt provisions similar to those prohibited by the EU Treaty as well as the Polish Constitution." Polish lawmakers have largely rejected the bill. 2 abstentions, 8 votes, 33 votes, 6 votes, 2 votes).

The Council of the European Union has formally approved this directive in April and will enter into force on June 7, 2019. The EU member states will enact their laws by June 7, 2021, to implement them. The bill is designed to amend copyright law and contains controversial provisions such as Article 11 of the so-called "Link Tax", which allows publishers to claim a platform such as Google to display news articles

Users on platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and others are afraid that instructions can be harmful to the way they use the site. If you make an effort to remove content that infringes copyright, such as music or pirated movies, you are not responsible for hosting. The site must now actively ensure that copyrighted content is not posted on the site. As James Vincent and Russell Brandom pointed out last year, the site may need to implement filters that become accustomed to the abuse of copyright trolls and will make millions of mistakes. There is no technology to scan Internet content in this way. "

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