PlayStation users can now change their PSN names

If you're not happy with your PSN name, Sony is allowing PlayStation users to change it from today. The feature was released in the beta version in October 2018, but anyone can do it from their PS4 console or through a browser. I'm one of those cool people who make all my usernames become a game with my real name, so I'm still quite happy with "faulknerd", but if your PSN name does not xX_reflect_Xx ] current, it's easy to change it.

In terms of prices, the first name change is free. After that, if you decide you want to change it again, it will cost you $ 9.99 each time. But if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, it only costs $ 4.99 for repeated name settings.

Sony states in its frequently asked questions that its previous usernames will still belong to it, and if you wish, you can go back to a previous PSN name for free. To smooth the adjustment process of having a new name for you and your PSN friends, there is an option to display your previous name next to your new name for 30 days.

Most of the PS4 games released as of April 1, 2018, when the developers started using tools that allow a user's name change at the system level, they should work well with their new name. Sony says that a "vast majority of the most actively played PS4 games" will work well, although it does not guarantee support.

Sony has published lists of games that do not experience problems, games with known problems and games with critical problems. If a game has problems, its experience can range from small oddities, such as the name of its previous PSN in the game instead of the new one, to somewhat extreme problems, such as the data saved and the status of the leaderboard. are transferred, and you may lose access to the paid DLC.

Great exclusives such as God of War and Spider-Man make the cut of the date, but some of the PS4 gems were released before April 1. 2018, and are included in the list of "games with identified problems". Bloodborne Grand Theft Auto V Warframe and Uncharted 4 all have problems, among others. Sony says that reverting to its old PSN name should solve most of the problems, although, once again, it offers no guarantee in this respect. I did not think I would have to say this, but you should think twice before changing your PSN name.

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