Play this simple design game to test your UI knowledge

Can not Unsee is a web-based game that presents two choices of iOS interface design and asks simple questions to the user: Which is more accurate? There are three rounds of increasing difficulty, asking to zoom in on two real models that start with design choices that appear to be incorrect, but with little indistinguishable image. Created by software engineer Alex Kotliarskyi and product designer Amanda Hum, this game is called "Discover the Difference", but only one of the choices is correct.

Of course making good things is subjective but subjective. The answer is based on commonly accepted design characteristics such as spacing between text blocks and consistent capitalization. Even non-designers like myself have responded intuitively. Mostly based on common sense, I've seen the same iOS design principles on the phone screen for years, so I got more familiar and "right". 19659003] Unsee

I admit that I did not always agree with the right choice, such as this question, which I think is the "button background contrast" reason for choosing the right choice. I know from experience that companies can intentionally make design choices so that users can make specific decisions, such as when inviting friends to talk when they actively share buttons. But what if you do not want to invite someone to a private conversation? Choices like creating buttons can seem more expensive than what you think is "fit" in the press.

play this simple design game to test your ui knowledge

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Still, the game offers fun and educational exercises for everyone who wants to have a creative vision. I scored 7030 points in about 8 minutes. (Time is an important factor because I did not know that I usually set the time.) I learned something new.

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