How to Play Mash Game in 2020

Don’t you know how to play Mash, game? Don’t worry in this article I’m going to teach you how you can play Mash game. To play Mash game first start by filling out the initial M.A.S.H., which means a mansion, apartment, hut, or house at the top of the page.

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                                       Play Mash Game on Paper

Think to the player four potential spouses (classmates, fictional characters, famous lumps, or beauties) and write this name in the left margin of the paper. Obtain four numbers representing the number of children and write them at the bottom of the page.

In the right margin record, players like 4 different vehicle types (bike, monster truck, Ferrari).

How to Play Mash Game

Slowly spirals from the middle of the page to the middle. At any point, while drawing, the player can call it “Stop!” The fortuneteller then calculates the number of rings of helix diameter. For example, if the number is “9”, start with the letter “M” to count each selection and move through the categories outside the page.

Remove all ninth entries. Remove items while continuing around the circle, but do not count the items once removed. If only one choice remains in each category, that choice becomes part of the player’s wealth.


To determine the player’s luck, the fortuneteller reads the player’s choice again. For example, “You will marry Brad Pitt, drive a monster truck with six children, and live in an apartment.”

Mix it up

To further explain the future of the player, add another category.

Mash Game

To make it easier for kids to learn how to play games, we have created a printable worksheet. Of course, it is not necessary to use this worksheet. One of the biggest advantages of MASH is that you can play anywhere with a pen and paper. But using worksheets is a bit easier when learning how to play.

How to play mash

MASH games are a fun way to narrow your chosen options and predict your future. MASH stands for mansion, apartment, shack, house. This is an option for your region.

In addition, enter four options for each of the following categories:

These are the categories we use most when we play as children, so we’ve included them in the game sheet, but you can play without the game sheet and include the categories you want. The unrecorded rule was always that at least one option in each category should be quite terrible. ‘I find that a funny half will marry Hulk. Know).

When all the options are filled in, we draw a “magic spiral.” Start with a dot and draw a spiral around it until your friend is prompted to stop. Then calculate how many loops you have done. This is the “magic number.” Use the magic number to narrow the options until there is only one left in each category.

In this example

The magic number is six. Starting from the mansion/apartment/track / house, count down the list of options and skip the option when it reaches the magic number (in this example, 6, so the first option is “prince charming”.

Ignore the option and continue through the list (in this example, “13” skips next, “School Bus”, etc.) When you reach the end of the list, go back to the beginning and do not count and cross the items.

Skip that thing. If only one option remains in any category, draw a circle. Then count those options and skip those categories completely while crossing. Moving on to one circular option in each category is over. Now you know the future! Silly and lots of fun. enjoy it!

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