Planetside 2 Download for PC

PlanetSide 2 is an online shooting game that allows a large number of players to play the game at once. Released on November 20, 2012 at sony online entertainment, this game is a sequel to PlanetSide released in 2003.

The Planetside, 2 was recently announced at PlayStaion 4 on June 5, 2013. Fight to gain control of the planet’s territory from three factional planets Auraxis in this game.

Planetside 2 Gameplay

This game is directed by Matthew Higby. PlanetSide 2 game has the same world and factions as the original PlanetSide. The detail and quality of the graphics are much better than the original ones. In previous versions of the game, large scale combat for area control supports the 2000 Planetside 2 player count on the continent to fight on foot and on-land or air vehicles.

In the latest version, the territory system is very different from the first version, so the system is more free. This game is a fast-paced action, thriller, and first person shooter that allows you to play thousands of players. In gameplay, the skill of the player and the teamwork of the warrior are really important in killing other players or defeating their opponents.

Game features

The game has a time period for day and night visibility. PlanetSide game has six types of players, depending on their weapon and specific abilities. Abilities and weapons can be updated or enhanced at any authentication point available in the game. These six classes include intruders, light attacks, combat medics, engineers, heavy assault, and MAX.

Download Planetside 2 game for PC

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