Pixel Tournament Game Guide & Tips

Pixel Tournament game the Pokemon show struck the TV screen 20 years ago, but the enthusiasm gradually disappeared, but it became an inseparable part of the constantly developing field of pop culture. The trials and tribulations of Ash Ketchum and his friends have become the cornerstone of the genre loved by millions of people around the world.

Pixel Tournament Game Guide & Tips for Beginner’s

Famous Pocket Monsters have inspired many movies, gadgets, plush toys, boards and video games that bring the best of the universe to fame. You guys playing Pokemon trading card games know what I’m talking about! During the Sideo game there is Pixel Tournament. At first glance, this is a new Android game that looks like a rip of the Pokémon game on the Game Boy platform. Fans of genres, however, will discover some of the interesting elements and look at them in detail.

Game tips

In Pixel Tournament, like most of the games based on Pokémon’s universe, you become a trainer for the Pokémon. Your goal is to catch the Pokémon to train and fight your opponent to become the biggest monster trainer of all time. Like other Pokémon-based games on the Game Boy platform, Pixel Tournament game provides a mode to move heroes in map mode, to visit multiple locations, and to choose a battle mode. There is also a combat mode where you can fight against enemies, choose a Pokemon, and plan your strategy.

But in the game, you will have to do more than jump into combat in combat. A variety of options are waiting for you, such as monster leveling, quest completion and economic background management. If you want to know how to handle the basics of this game, some of the lessons are good time. If so, check out Pixel Tournament guide, tips, tricks for Beginner’s.

Learn mechanics to fight more efficiently

This game has many similarities with the original Pokémon trading card game, but there are some new features that make this game unique. In combat mode, Pokémon no longer fights on the 1v1 scope, but plans to move orders and move simultaneously in tactical areas. Every battle has an action order that determines the order in which you and your opponent fight. It’s a good idea to keep everything in line with the plan and keep the order in mind so you will not be surprised.

In addition, combat mode features a variety of weather conditions that affect the effectiveness of monsters. At this point, I want to remember that all Pokémon are assigned to certain types, such as fire, water, grass, or rock. When your water Pokémon rains, you gain up to 10% additional damage Pixel Tournament game i want to remember the relationship between monsters and weather conditions to maximize combat effectiveness. Speaking of monster effects, let’s talk a little bit about your Pokemon skills.

Depending on the actual quality of the monster, there are many skills that can be activated in combat with enemies. Some technologies affect only one Pokémon, but other Pokémon have a wide range of effects. In other words, memorize your skills and read descriptions of your skills. In the process, it becomes more effective in battle. Some of the Pokémon types avoid fighting with highly resistant Pokémon against their attacks. If you have played the original Pokemon once, you can see that Pokemon Monster is not necessarily good for Pokemon Monster.

But water works very well in other ways because it stops the flame. Learning and memorizing these relationships is really intuitive. In other words, there are three types of skill effects marked with the following colors: Green – Valid, Yellow – Normal and Red – Ineffective Pixel Tournament game  once you remember that pattern, you will know how to select the target well to avoid ineffective attacks against a specific Pokemon type. Some of the techniques of Pokemon are in the category of physical attacks, and others are called special attacks. Each responds to a given stat as follows: Physical ATK.

Damage and special attacks. loss. To use Pokémon Skills, you must use Skill Points. The general rule is that the more powerful the skill, the more SP you need to activate. As the monster gets stronger and the level goes up, you need to activate more SP and you can use a much more powerful technique.

Get a new Pokemon to become a master trainer

Like the original Pokémon trading card game, you can not play in Pixel Tournament, but only a few monsters can be eliminated. The more Pokemon you have in your collection, the more likely it is that you will be able to deal with your opponent with a monster type that is particularly effective for your opponent. There are many ways to increase the number of Pokemon. The most obvious way to get more Pokémon is to pick them up in the wilderness (just like a good ‘Pokémon Red’). You do not have to fight against the wild Pokémon against the original series, but you have to throw the ball at ease.

If you can hear it simple, there is a part to remember. There are several balls that you can use to catch wild Pokémon. The more advanced the monster you are trying to catch, the more advanced you have to use it Pixel Tournament game orange Pokemon requires a Super or Master Ball, but you can easily get Green and Blue Pokemon by using normal balls. Always check the quality of the Pokémon you are trying to catch in order not to waste the ball. In addition to finding Pokemon in the wilderness, you can get them from a draw machine that can pick up random Pokemon.

The most common picture is usually a picture. Because it is a relatively inexpensive price, you can do it every day. Also, you can get 5 draws at the start of the game, and provide the appropriate number of Pokémon. Ordinary Draw offers the opportunity to use only green or blue Pokémon. To get a high quality monster, you must raise the level, try friendship or advanced drawing. However, these two require a number of other resources (such as diamonds and strawberries) that can be very difficult to reach in the early stages of the game.

Level up in Pixel Tournament Game

Once your Pokemon’s experience bar is full, your monster gains a new level. Each time a new level is reached, the Pokemon statistic is increased and the battle point is increased. Six stats are needed: hit points, physical attacks, special attacks, speed, physical defense, and special defense. HP determines the value of Pokémon’s health, physics and special ATK and DEF. Speed represents the value of two types of attacks and defenses, but Speed indicates which of Pokémon is the first command. You can see that increasing the level of the monster will improve the efficiency of the enemy Pokémon.

Sometimes monsters evolve and change their appearance and quality. This conversion unlocks a new technology that can be activated. If you do not want to wait, you can accelerate the evolutionary process by spending on a given amount of gold coins. However, remember that the Pokemon’s level can not exceed the level of the trainer.

Do not forget to charge your compensation

In Pixel Tournament game you can receive various rewards such as coins, items, and experience points that you can use for calls or upgrades. There are many ways games can reward your efforts. Remember that pixel tournaments are one of the idle games that does not have to reflect the actual effort of the player in the game. In other words, you do not have to be online to enjoy multiple benefits. Every time you log into a game, you can collect stuff that’s piled up all the time, not online, so you do not have to worry about missing something.

It is another thing to get rewards to complete quests and achievements. Take on a task that can be accomplished within a given day. Otherwise, you will have to postpone some of your later work because your time in the game is wasted. It will be a beginner’s guide to Pixel Tournament. This game may look like a raw Pokemon copy at first glance, but it is not introduced in the original game series.

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