Pioneering creator of collaborative ‘cobots’ Rethink Robotics shuts down

Rethink Robotics is a Boston company that pioneered the development of "cobots", a joint robot designed to work with Human on Wednesday.

The closure was a sudden and surprising member of the robotic community. According to the Boston Globe Rethink was looking for a deal to sell himself to another company, but the acquisition was at last. " Globe . Ecekert refused to reveal the name of the company involved in the failed acquisition, but said," We thought there was a deal we could close. Rethink said the sale of Baxter and Sawyer robots was disappointing, indicating a cash shortage. When we hear more, we reach out to talk again and we will update this story.

Rethink was founded in 2008 by Rodney Brooks and Ann Whitaker. In 2011, we launched the first product, the Baxter robot. A smaller and faster version of Sawyer comes in 2015. This robot was meant to lead the automation of the new era.

Both Baxter and Sawyer used animation. You can face to face with your colleagues and be programmed without expert knowledge. The operator can induce the robot's distinct arms to perform certain tasks, and the robot will remember what to do. This ease of use combines with the safety features of the bot and is also popular in the lab.

pioneering creator of collaborative cobots rethink robotics shuts down

Raxink started Baxter (right) in 2011 and Sawyer (left), smaller, cheaper and more powerful in 2015, Eckert in an interview with Globe He added. "

Rethink is not just one of the collaborative robots, but our rivals include the Danish company's Universal Robot, and it's safe and easy to program. It sells collaborative robots and provides a robotic ecosystem (a variety of tools used to hold robots' arms).

Jeff Burnstein, chairman of the Robotics Automation Division, said in a Boston Globe "Baxter would not have done well in the market." ]. "It's hard to compete with Universal."

Rethink will now sell intellectual property and patent portfolios and 91 employees will leave. The company is the second most important robot company that has been closed in recent months, and Mayfield Robotics has closed the maker of the social robot Kuri in August.

Rethink's CEO, Eckert, says the company's shutdown does not cause more problems. industry. "I would say that history changed the industrial robot forever," Eckert said. "We showed the world where robots can work safely alongside people."

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