Pinterest has a perfect response to harmful misinformation

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Since social networking calculations began in 2016, content from popular genres has emerged. Hello, this search results are not good. The story of this genre is made up of three parts.

  1. The reporter uses a search engine on the social network to search for something.
  2. Search results are not good.
  3. The reporter writes about how bad the search results are.

Hay's headline, this search result is included in a bad vault. Here's how YouTube spreads conspiracy theories about Las Vegas shooting (Charlie Warzel). After the shoot in Texas, the theory of conspiracy theories has spread and YouTube is trying to tweak Hamza Shaban's algorithm. YouTube promoted a video that unfairly attacked Parkland students. What happened?, Abby Ohlheiser.

YouTube has come to prominence in these stories. As Kevin Roose pointed out yesterday, YouTube and the conspiracy are connected in the ass. And while we're more interested in YouTube search results than ever before, there's still a lot we can not find there.

Certainly, vaccines – as we talked about yesterday and on certain topics – especially weapons of mass destruction – lead to more stories about the search results than the other search results. So I found that Pinterest paid attention to this phenomenon I was glad. And Pinterest took surprisingly bold action to protect this phenomenon. The Wall Street Journal has Robert McMillan and Daniela Hernandez.

Pinterest did not return results related to vaccination, and social media companies show the power of high-tech companies to censor discussion of hot button issues to prevent the spread of false information

Vaccination Most of Pinterest's shared images related to this are contrary to existing medical guidelines and studies that demonstrate vaccine safety. A Pinterest spokesman said the video search platform attempted to remove the vaccine but could not completely remove it.

That is, Pinterest summarizes Renee DiResta, researcher danah boyd and Michael Golebiewski, researcher "data void."

Searching for answers to keywords will return content generated by a niche group through a specific niche. In addition to Google search results, keyword blanks are also social. The most shared article on Facebook's vitamin K is anti-vax, and the CrowdTangle analysis platform shows that the article has millions of readers. I'm not happy with YouTube search results Some of the top 10 results are characteristic of Alex Jones, a remarkable immunology specialist.

BuzzFeed reported that Pinterest is keen on bad health information in 2017. Pinterest realized the potential for harm to gain great credit, and Pinterest simply closed down, bypassing the rights of the antivirus community and taking over the viral machine. In story notes, users can still pin fringe images on their boards, but they can no longer use Pinterest for free virus distribution. This is the approach some people call "freedom of speech and freedom of speech". You can say what you want, but Pinterest has no obligation to share it with the wider world.

And can I recommend this quote from the story of Ifeoma Ozoma Journal the public policy and social influence manager of Pinterest, while I was spewing?

"It is a good idea not to serve people."

If you want to know what your social responsibilities are for a technology platform, you want to know what it takes to care for a community – similar to what Ozoma is talking about right now.

Now some Google employees read this story and say to themselves: It's okay with Pinterest, but it's about YouTube . YouTubers goes to war with a simple suggestion that you can reduce views on your site. The idea that a company will hide an entire category in search results can trigger a kind of end.

But what happens if YouTube already has some sort of end? My colleague Julia Alexander found a hole in the rabbit that leads to a video of the exploitation of a child on a video site called "bikini haul".

Although it is obscene in nature, the Comments section is full of people who display time in certain scenes where the video is devouring children or children. Opinions about how beautiful a pretty girl is are scattered in the commentary section.

The reaction was fast. Epic Games (Fortomite ), Nestlé and Disney are among the companies that have brought ads on the platform. According to Alexander's calculations, YouTube creators are preparing themselves for a period of five months, possibly months, when the creator flees to a safe location and ends up running out of revenue.

YouTube has a world in which access is blocked while accessing malicious search results and data blanks in advance to eradicate abusive content. This drastic move will cause anger and legitimate concern for the enormous power that the company has to set conditions for public debate.

And I have no choice but to be inspired by the way Pinterest faced the same question. The only people who lose this decision are those who, if they go their way, can cause a global health crisis.


Can Washington keep watching in Silicon Valley? The FTC's Facebook survey is a high-stakeholder test.

Tony Romm investigates faith. Sometimes this is in the newsletter! – The Federal Trade Commission is ineffective and unequal in regulating technology giants.

Nearly a year after publishing a case study, the FTC is negotiating with Facebook on charges of billions of dollars in fines. Experts say they are frustrated with consumer frustrations on Facebook and its colleagues and are willing to challenge IT industry data-gathering practices because they are not authorized to discuss issues with people familiar with the survey last week, "

"The question on Facebook is fundamental: an examination of whether the FTC can be an effective privacy enforcement agency," said William Kovacic, former Republican chairman at George Washington University Said. "Anything other than important fines will appear as a form of policy failure and will actually hinder the agency's ability to act in the future."

Senator wants to ask about the privacy of the group on Facebook. [TheVerge

Colin Lecher says a private group is complaining to the FTC about the safety of health information and that Congressmen are planning an investigation.

Now, in a letter from the Senate House Energy and Commerce Committee, what data will be released by Facebook users joining a closed group? This letter to Mark Zuckerberg asks the question that the company "may not have notified group members that the health insurance company and online bully have access to their personal health information."

Google and Facebook have become "opposed to democracy" Shoshana Zuboff

has a few issues with Zuboff's Kara Swisher

a new book that has strong criticism on Facebook and Google. One is that when customers are fully aware of how they use data, they use bad data. So Zuboff said companies like Google and Facebook have decided to "take it without asking". And those with all that data have tremendous power. People who unconsciously provide more data than technology companies have not realized can be manipulated with commercial and political consequences. "

" Now, the watch capital is sitting on a huge asymmetric knowledge, "she said." They are the asymmetry of knowledge, the concentration of knowledge that can not be seen in human history. It has systematically damaged the asymmetry of knowledge and power.

Edit information about twitter and Russian trolls 2017 ACTIVITIES

Twitter is now reported by Ben Elgin that the Russian troll is Venezuelan trolls.

On February 8th, Twitter removed 228 accounts from the Russian IRA data set. I think this account was operated by another mobile network located in Venezuela. "We initially misunderstood 228 accounts linked to Russia," Yoel Roth, director of site integrity at Twitter, wrote in an online posting. "As the investigation continues, we have found additional information that can make our relationship with Venezuela more confident."

Although the account name was not revealed due to Twitter data, researchers at Clemson University We've analyzed changes in social media companies. Said it will include accounts primarily online in the middle of 2017. Researchers who built and published their own database of Russian troll farms said the account was key, given the seemingly surge in misallocated post-election activity on Russian troll farms.

WhatsApp is dangerous in India. Freedom of speech and passwords are free.

Kurt Wagner has long been offering suggestions to end encryption in India and around the world.

"The largest [technology] story in the world is that India offers such an intermediary," Jayshree Bajoria, a researcher at the nonprofit Human Rights Watch, said in an interview with Recode . "We are talking about Chinese style surveillance here."

This proposed law, colloquially known as mediator guidelines, is not limited to WhatsApp. If it passes, it applies to all Internet companies that host, publish, or store user information, including social networks, messaging platforms, and Internet service providers.


Galaxy S10 has built-in Instagram mode. Its camera

An interesting growth strategy in Instagram is as follows. Back to the era of pre-loaded software. Chaim Gartenberg:

Samsung has partnered with Instagram to add a new "Instagram Mode" directly to the newly announced Galaxy S10's main camera app. At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Instagram's director of product Adam Mosseri said, "We worked together to reconsider Instagram's experience in S10."

Smartphones, teenagers and depression: Do we have to be embarrassed? Not yet.

Brian Resnick investigates the connection between smartphones, youth and mental health. He found that there is not much we can say decisively.

Research on the relationship between digital technology use and mental health – both teens and adults – is not yet conclusive. Anthony Wagner of Stanford University's Department of Psychology tells us that there is a causal relationship between literature and wrecking. Are our media use behaviors actually changing our cognition and fundamental nerve function or neurophysiological processes? The answer is that we do not know. "

Even those who think that the link between digital technology use and mental health problems is exaggerated are considered important questions worth researching and collecting conclusive evidence.

The Harvard law states that Zittrain and Zuckerberg are"

Facebook's CEO Jonathan Zittrain gave a friendly discussion on the Internet to Mark Zuckerberg, the first person-to-person Internet challenge of the year. I have read that last summer there is no problem with this issue, but there is a tendency to underestimate the importance of what technology platform CEOs think is important.

When they realize that their children are already living online

Taylor Lorenz notes that parents have posted photos and stories on the public Internet since birth

Cara and other twins say she hopes to establish a basic principle for their parents, and Cara says her mom is about to tell her about her , And 11-year-olds want to have a veto before the picture goes up. "My friends always write or tell me text. The pictures my mom puts on you are so cute. Hayden, a 10-year-old, realized that a few years ago her parents used a dedicated hashtag that included her name in his picture,

Once a child knows the first moments when their lives are revealed, they can not go back. A few teens and twins are asking their social media to take control of their images Ellen was nervous that whenever someone had a phone around her now, she could have her picture posted and posted somewhere. "Everybody said," Everybody wants to have a profile, but many other kids are overwhelmed and retreated. Is always looking and will not forget anything.

Anniversary of Snap AR

The interesting thing about the anodyne entry that snap is an innovative company is as follows.

In December 2017, the company launched Lens Studio, the publishing tool. You can share the augmented reality experiences generated by your company and the Snapchat community. By the end of 2018, more than 3 million lenses were created through Lens Studio, which saw more than 35 billion times in Snapchatters. Over an average of 3 minutes per person, over 70 million people at Snapchat use AR every day to make the platform the largest and most engaged global audience for this new kind of experience.

Chrissy Teigen leaks Twitter secrets on Twitter [19659062] Twitter announced the best ads for its service until last week. It was a tired video Q & A with power user Chrissy Teigen. You can find it here. It is remarkable how (1) tweeters seem to be mostly interesting. (2) It is actually the first Twitter ad created by people who seem to use Twitter . A big leap forward.

Chloe Bryan, the curse of the tweet-reply guy

said, "It's almost harmless, but it's definitely a nuisance. Many people, mostly women, have found that one or two men always reply to their tweets "She continues:

These men are known colloquially as" the men who answer. " "Not every reply person is the same – each reporter is annoyed in his own way – there are some common traits to watch out for. In general, respondents tend to have few followers. They also tend to respond only to women who are trying to cry peacefully and fill the role of the most prolific female of the dozen of women

In general, Emily Crenshaw, for example, in McSweeney's 2018 work, says, "In all possible occasions women's Reply Guy Cons who is very funny with an emphasis on man's commitment to "

TikTok Has Created An entirely new kind of girl called Egirls

Lauren Strapagiel covers a TikTok central phenomenon called "egirl" "A new kind of cold girl who was born and lived on the platform. She is cute, she is cute, she is completely in the 90s, and know exactly how to play with expectation. "

Egirls have become very visible demographics at TikTok, mostly only at TikTok.

The makeup is a cute black with wings painted with the same eye liner It is the most symbolic part of the eyeliner and shape, usually a heart, but sometimes a dot or x, drawn with the sure hand of a person who raised an idolatrous blogger, with a red-shining sweep across the cheek and nose,


Twitter publicly tests the newly redesigned reply



Twitter is redesigning the newly redesigned reply [19659072] Hello

I told you that in October I will redesign the conversation on Twitter In an effort to encourage more thorough and useful discussions, the company is now ready to test redesigns for a wider group of users and will bring applications from everyone who wants to test.

On Android,

More detailed control settings are now available for Android users on Facebook

Rex Sorgatz needs to have a group on Twitter and have a group

His novel: Hashtag Reopening:

Everyone has twittered The Bachelor Angered by the flood of arbitrary tweets on the finale or the NBA finals. But everyone The Bachelor Finale or the NBA I have a final version of the topic to discuss, but I am afraid to violate the unorthodox rule of spreading a tangent to everyone. The Twitter group solves this problem. Mix your talents with #TheBachelor and #NBAFinals and you will not immediately harass 90% of your followers. I am not interested in Colton or LeBron.

When you tweet within a group, the message is placed directly in the context of that group. The tweet is still public and anyone can find it, but it will be excluded from the main timeline if the viewer does not join the group. This provides two purposes to encourage niche conversations between mass noise and .

Zuckerberg forgets about Facebook portal: & # 39; Needs a society with a camera in everyone's living room & # 39;

The most memorable moment in Zuckerberg & Zittrain's interview – anyway – for me – this was a rather funny exchange. CNBC is trying to regain the difference of curiosity.

Talking about the desire to further strengthen end-to-end encryption in Facebook's services, Zuckerberg said, "If I basically want to say in a metaphoric sense, the message is like a living room in a society. I do not think I want to. "

Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain The Facebook portals have literally pointed to cameras in people's living rooms.

It was a fun moment, but Facebook could have been worse. At least the Portal's microphone is not a secret. There's more to say about this Nest device.

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