Pinned channels are coming to Microsoft Teams soon

  Microsoft Teams application icon

If you use Microsoft Teams, you can often switch between different channels to communicate with your co-workers. If you have many channels, the process can be quite complicated, but that will soon change. Microsoft is now planning to add a capability to anchor channels on Microsoft computers (through Office365ItPros.)

The new feature was originally mentioned in the Office 365 roadmap and has the code name number 55369. It is scheduled for a release for all user computers on the desktop and browser at the end of October 2019, and is currently labeled "in development."

Once fully implemented, you can stay more organized and keep track of the work done on important Teams channels by fixing it. Once set, an important channel will move to the top of your channel list for easier access. You can anchor the channel by clicking on "…" and then choosing the "Anchor" option. You can even anchor multiple channels and drag and drop them in any order you want.

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More information: Microsoft Teams, Office 365

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