Pimax opens preorders for its very expensive 8K and 5K VR headsets

Pimax started pre-ordering 8K and 5K + VR headsets. The 8K model is a $ 899 headset without a SteamVR controller or base station, and the 5K + model costs $ 699 and does not have the same pack features. For comparison, HTC's Vive Pro retails $ 799 for headsets and $ 1,400 for all packages except PCs. Pimax's website is down at the press conference and the sentence will go down until it is resolved.

However, Pimax was excited by the expanded 200-degree field of view and the reduced screen door effect that the headset provides. As my colleague Nick Statt discovered, it's cool to get a clear view from inside the virtual reality. Kickstarter raised more than $ 4.2 million for this commercial launch.

pimax opens preorders for its very expensive 8k and 5k vr headsets

Before a pre-order shipment is delivered to others, the sponsor will receive the unit first. Compared to pre-order prices, they obviously have a deal. The $ 900 8K headset is twice as much as the initial bird support price. The first 8K headset arrived at the sponsor due to a shocking delay to the Kickstarter product. First day impressions for one person. There is no ETA until the pre-order is shipped. Pimax seems to use this as a way of measuring interest.

Using more predictable and accurate orders, Pimax can more accurately predict and plan resources and production cycles, shorten lead times, and require suppliers to prepare resources in a more planned and efficient manner.

According to VentureBeat the Pimax 8K features dual 4K displays each with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and upwards the content of 2560 x 1440 . Its refresh rate is at the top of 80Hz; The 5K + is slightly better at 90Hz. 5K has two 2560 x 1440 screens that display content at the native resolution. ($ 999 5K Business Edition uses OLED.)

But one of the potential obstacles the buyer will face is the GPU power required by this headset. Tom & # 39; s Hardware recently looked at a fairly comprehensive look at the prototype 5K + from Pimax and found that it requires a top-of-the-line graphics card that can deliver satisfactory performance with the exception of the 8K headset.

In a self test on the Pimax 5K +, we found that the headset requirements still exceeded the performance of the GTX 1070. Do not expect sharp images and high frame rates with 1070 caliber cards. The GTX 1070 can only serve one of them at a time.

We performed this review using the Pimax 5K + headset with an RTX 2080 GPU and the performance was degraded.

Reducing the visibility of the peripherals displayed by the headset can improve performance, but eliminates one of the key benefits of choosing Pimax over Vive or Rift from scratch. Pimax offers pre-order bundles that include Nvidia's RTX 2080Ti or RTX 2080 cards.

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