Phone numbers should be more portable, and Palm is the proof

I was a little surprised at how many people were interested in the new Palm phone. It is more than a nostalgia for an old Palm that has nothing to do with this new company. Instead, I think that Palm is interested in the idea of ​​expressing. I think I can stop my mind from concentrating on my smartphone without too much compromise.

You can see the review today – the review has been released. But from me. I did not have a week's time to do a real test of Palm's existing reasons. In other words, you have to live off your slack, e-mail and everything else. So I will spend more time using it and will bring you my review later on.

I'd like to talk about how Palm tries to resolve such a tradeoff. There are many people who need to deal with it. And the biggest problem is that it does not have to exist anymore: how the phone numbers work.

Let's talk about how everyone is so excited before we go there. The Palm cell phone claims to be a secure phone that can remove annoying smartphones without removing annoying smartphones. The phone jokes for your phone are based on a lot of reality.

To get your Palm out, you should try to call your smartphone again (pun intended) over the new app usage tracking feature. Available in the latest version of iOS and Android. These features are neat, but users always take only three or three minutes to underestimate their efforts. Settings can be changed and changed frequently.

Although your Palm phone has its own antispam settings, it is best to set it up as a separate phone, literally. Perhaps it will not have all the distractions. Instead of turning off disruption, you'll need to download and install the app. To be honest, there is a possibility that the Palm phone's small screen will spend less time on the app anyway, because it's not the kind of thing you want to get lost in a few hours.

But buying a second phone to help you get out of the first phone is not all about innovation. Now you can do it and you can do it for less than $ 350, which is the palm rate. There is a minimal phone replacement for iOS and Android. You can not run the "one app" you need, but it can be an option. A small, limited Palm phone can probably run that one app: it's a complete Android phone so you can install it anytime you need it.

If you go to a minimalist phone, the problem is that you will have a different phone number. If someone wants to contact you, you need to know the other phone number or use your favorite text or letter application. You will also pay a little more than you want for the second line. & # 39; hassle & # 39;

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Palm's solution to that hassle is not really that. The Palm solution is Verizon & # 39; s. Palm is sharing the first phone blessed by Verizon with the same phone number as the primary phone. However, iPhone users will not work with iMessage or Facetime. (Sorry.)

It turns out that most carriers have some sort of add-on plan that can give you devices to share the same phone number as your main phone. They all have the same name. Verizon has NumberShare, AT & T has NumberSync, and T-Mobile has DIGITS. They are usually about $ 10 a month, and they rub here. Most of them only work on a limited set of devices.

It was designed primarily for smart watches, but some are available on tablets. T-Mobile's plan is most useful while providing apps that can be installed on almost any phone. (If you have all your Apple devices and you're connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can use the Apple Continuity feature to let others make phone calls.)

Back off and ask simple questions. Why? Why is my phone number specifically tied to a specific device? In addition to a few messaging apps, you can not think of a single limited communication vector in this way, tied to a single number that can only be accessed from one device (technically a single SIM card). You can get email, Skype calls, Facebook messages, slack, whitvers with just your username and password.

My boss, Nilay Patel, republished in 2011:

I do not like the phone number. They are artefacts of the old systems that wireless and wireline operators use to keep people trapped in service. This is a false technology that leaves consumers with laziness and hostility.

It was a more hopeful time. The services of Microsoft (Skype), Google (Google Voice) and Apple (iMessage and FaceTime) seemed to be eating a single number on a single device. It's been four years since the iPhone has covered the entire mobile market, so nothing seemed possible.

Not so much.

If there was a technical reason that NumberShare was limited to functioning only as a "companion device" approved by Verizon instead of an earlier phone, the company could not explain it to me in the press. As soon as I asked for a limited reason on devices such as SmartWatch and this new Palm phone, I communicated the following statement to the company:

When designing NumberShare, we created a wearable device such as Apple and Samsung Smart Watch with priority connection. Palm – now offers customers a solution to stay connected while their smartphone is at home. We will continue to evaluate new device options in the future.

Of course, who am I, I crashed the SIM card on the Palm phone and hit it on the iPhone. It was okay to go out but the text message did not work. However, during this test, most people have discovered features they do not know. With Verizon's Message + app, you can make your old iPhone act like a Palm phone. You can share your phone number and send and receive text.

phone numbers should be more portable and palm is the proof

Verizon's Message + is a self-service text messaging app. If you receive a Palm phone, you must use Message + on your Palm and your primary phone. One method is the only way to receive text messages from the farm. If you do not use it on your primary phone, your messages will not sync.

I have to say this app is terrible before I go into my little discovery. Likewise, really terrible. Click here to see the horrible design of the threads and the more horrible attempts to track the data and sell them up at "eGifts". You will be prompted to create a public profile. You will find something in almost every direction.

However, Message + is one of the very smart features similar to T-Mobile's DIGITS app. Put phone numbers and text messages in your app. When you open it on iPhone, text messages are sent to your primary phone with QR code. Scan and send calls or text within this app on your iPhone.

In conclusion, Verizon and T-Mobile (which have not tested this feature on AT & T or Sprint) will work with older iPhone secondary phones – one that is willing to deal with Verizon's (or T-Mobile's) terrible apps. Unfortunately, Verizon's Message + does not work on Android phones. On Android, it appears that your app is preconfigured with actual phone numbers only. Google Voice does something very similar, but there is little belief that the company will continue to support it.

This is a hack. But it was effective for me. The only reason you can not put a phone number on as many devices as you want is because your carrier did not make any technical effort. Maybe some combination of eSIM and RCS Chat will be possible someday, but it does not get hope.

1539607217 119 the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

Here is definitely a rabbit hole. Technically, the NumberShare device has a different phone. For example, if you enter a number, your carrier automatically translates it to a phone number. There is also the hassle of provisioning. But the point remains: your phone number does not have to be tied to one device. We can. We have technology. Key point: The phone company has it and has not made a business decision.

Shame. There is another strong attraction for Palm phones that have not been mentioned yet. right. Pretty . It's the smallest, cuteest, and most touching phone I've had for a long time. It is not just a small thing, it is howling. All the people that we gave this week go up the octave half as if unconsciously talking to the baby. It disappears from the pocket or even from the hand.

So some people will spend $ 350 to get this. Because cute and mobile phone numbers can be used on other phones, it can help to suppress smartphone habits without using cold turkeys. I can not say that someone is still reviewing it I can not say that I can not invite anyone to it, but it can be said to be natural to .

I do not think using a Palm phone this week should not be unique. You should have dogs in this way. If it's a little easier for a carrier to get a phone number on more devices – I think many more companies will have the opportunity to do something like this to make it work better like an app. Beatty.

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