PewDiePie takes one last shot at T-Series as he concedes defeat to YouTube’s Bollywood powerhouse

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg ended his long months war with the powerful Bollywood T-Series today by broadcasting a music video with a series of personal confessions and accusations against his rival.

The video, "Congratulations", accuses the T-Series executives, including President Bhushan Kumar, of committing several faults. Kjellberg refers to an article in Times of India that Kumar is currently being investigated for "alleged evasion of huge taxes and diverting hundreds of millions of people to foreign countries to buy property on behalf of their employees" . The Verge has contacted T-Series for comments.

Kjellberg also reveals that the T-series reportedly sent him a cease and desist letter after the release of his original Diss track against the company, "Lasagna de perra." Kjellberg released the video towards the beginning of the war between its channels, and since then has accumulated just under 170 million visits. Use the cease and desist letter to talk about problems with people who present ads in videos that they consider defamatory, but they are not. Kjellberg has grappled with legal issues with videos in the past, including people who send out copyright strikes or requests to remove videos that they did not like. The use of "Congratulations" to reveal and express your complaints with the letter of cessation and withdrawal of Series T makes a lot of sense: this is how you have addressed your concerns in the past.

However, it's not all the accusations and the jokes. "Congratulations" seems to be an opportunity to thank that fan base that stayed and Kjellberg gets sentimental in the video when he talks about what his fans mean to him, and apparently opens up about past problems with alcohol. It is not the first time that Kjellberg opens on his channel; Many of his videos play as conversations with viewers about his mental health, exhaustion and problems he encounters on YouTube.

"So this is it, thanks for continuing with my channel," says Kjellberg in the video. "Since I was a nobody, screaming at the barrels. This is, it has been an adventure. It is the end of the reign of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Through all the change and controversy that you have been by my side, there is no army in the world that would prefer that you give me time to see. It's been a wild ride, so although I can still be heard, here's one last fist, the number one in the world. "

Unlike" Lasagna de perra, "the former Kjellberg dissident targeted at the T series , "Congratulations", Recognizes that one of the most recognized music corporations in India has defeated it by becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel, it is a war, in which Kjellberg has repeatedly said that he does not care if it becomes a funny meme, which has lasted for almost seven months.

But while I saw it as a meme, Kjellberg fans and many creators within the community saw the battle between Kjellberg and T-Series as the last position in YouTube between independent personalities and corporate entities The YouTubers were already feeling rejected by the mastery of the night show and the music videos, Kjellberg losing his reign as the best actor in the platform It was enough to send the YouTube ecosystem to a frenzy. Creators such as MrBeast bought posters in their hometown of Ohio and told people to subscribe to PewDiePie before performing a similar maneuver in this year's Super Bowl game; Justin Roberts, a vlogger in the Team 10 collective of Jake Paul, bought advertising space in Times Square and also tells people to subscribe to PewDiePie; other creators tricked their cars or performed impressive feats in live broadcasts, all in the name of PewDiePie. A game developer even made a platform game dedicated to the battle.

It was one of the few times that the YouTube community joined almost completely in unison To support one of its own creators. Since YouTube is more like MTV than a safe haven for misfits and talented personalities who did not fit into traditional Hollywood, subscribing to PewDiePie became a form of rebellion against YouTube, as well as a popular meme. There was talk among the community if the meme should stop following a violent terrorist attack in New Zealand, in which a shooter killed more than 50 people in a live broadcast after saying: "Remember, guys, subscribe to PewDiePie." Kjellberg tweeted about the incident. Calling it disgusting, but I never approached it on its channel. While the connotation of the meme has changed in the wake of gunfire in New Zealand and many creators have moved away, the admiration people feel for what Kjellberg has achieved on the site is still there, despite all his previous controversies.

At the time of writing this article, T-Series has 88,000 more subscribers than Kjellberg. His video "Congratulations", however, obtained more than two million visits in less than six hours.

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