PES 2020 Review

The annual battle between PES 2020 and FIFA 20, is once again in progress. Konami’s series is beating or at least pitting EA’s most popular football giant.

PES 2020 Review

Konami promised ‘play believe’ with the launch of the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 towards the dawn of the next-generation console. But the question is whether Japanese giants have brought in enough to attract FIFA’s fans to replace the team. In terms of innovative new concepts, sports games rarely offer, but while FIFA, is bringing Volta football to the party this year, PES has nothing to do with it.

Not only is the PES 2020 unreleased, it has no innovative features other than the new Match Day mode, which has not been launched. Whether it is a problem depends on what you want or want in a soccer simulation. If you invest purely in what’s happening on the pitch, you’ll see the best football simulation in a few years, and it’s not an exaggeration.

On the other hand, some will remember last year’s release date issue. With a dazzling artificial intelligence flaw, offline play against a computer makes no sense at all. Thankfully the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (exactly the name of the game) does not have such a flaw and immediately gets a big tick.

PES 2020 Gameplay trailer

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Good things in PES 2020

Let’s start with the bread and butter: gameplay. Everyone will come up with it and let people continue playing for a long time until next year. The feedback from PES 2019, not only allowed developers to keep last year’s games satisfactory, but also found a way to make the game easier to use when they continue to ask for it. Certain precision to make the most of it.

The dribble mechanic has been improved, and the fine dribble created in consultation with the great Andres Iniesta resonates immediately. If you feel bad, you feel cunning, and for casual players you don’t even have to really know what you’re doing, and you can get out of place where the right stick is full. For serious players, it’s fun to add a whole new layer to play and use it with the best dribble. Learning this with the right player will give you the power to be recognized.

There are also some stupid examples of players who want better passages. Over the years, some of the shortcomings in gameplay have turned into inevitable frustrations. One of the special grips that allowed you to choose the player closest to the loose ball seemed a thing of the past and we should be grateful. There are inevitably some bugs we found, but nothing close to the terminal as AI bug last year’s release date. We hope this is patched.

The goalkeeper has also worked together and the male animation between the sticks and indeed the decision making is as realistic as it is seen in video games. Of course, the case for social media may inevitably go wrong, but I’m sure that the foundation has been laid for a good year for the goalkeeper. It also gives you a more satisfying score than usual.

And it is like a ball ping from the foot. But do you remember the header? The skills of headshots have disappeared for a while at PES, but in the eFootball PES 2020 we have already empowered some of the past maroon goalkeepers and opened up the gameplay even further.


You cannot leave the stadium without discussing the match day presentation. Once again emphasized and Konami must be extremely proud of the products offered to comfortable football fans. Tunnels, stadiums, close-ups, lineup graphics and the pitch itself all look subtle. The best presentation to buy money and the new stadium camera angle is a pleasure.

Leaving the arena, Konami made the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 the only exclusive game to play as Serie A champions, the only exclusive deal, to emphasize the importance of a contract with Juventus. The relationship between Piedmont Calcio and FIFA, is not fatal, but it will inevitably draw attention to fans of the EA series.

The biggest announcement

Perhaps the biggest announcement is that in the second quarter of 2020 the Euro 2020 Full Tournament is available as a downloadable DLC. Bring your fans to life when important content and game cycles start to slow down. It took a long time, but Konami finally modernized the user interface and used it at almost every stage. It’s hard to participate in £ 50 on its own, but being greeted with vivid purples and pinks has a real Premier League feel and has been around for a long time.

The changes we want to see, especially the ‘eFootball PES 2020’, aren’t pushed to the face every moment, but it’s a start. The menu is smooth and painless, but it takes a long time to navigate the menu in Master League. And here are the little things we have found.

Club fans

My Club fans who are short of cash will find out how frustrating it is to form a competitive team with managers with low management skills. The developer has solved this problem, so you can drive out the top level people and experiment a bit more with the squad building. You have much more flexibility and it can only be a good thing. The Master League also had some surgery. The mode itself is the same and absolutely fine, but Konami has been more difficult to rebalance previous negotiations to start trading, and the former market is much more like real life.

The existence of two licensed sub-leagues (e.g. League 2 and Brasileirao Serie B) means that starting at the bottom of the football pyramid also remains authentic and challenging. Check out carefully formed partner clubs such as Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Bad things in PES 2020

It should be the legend, the third default mode provided on the home screen. Right now it was the main stay of this series, but you have to wonder what is really happening. change? What are the changes? There are no significant changes in all intentions and purposes. If the master league introduced a new cut scene, become a legend. Nothing innovative or tempting. A dull mode left to rot on the scrap heap.

Luckily, Konami doesn’t wear a hat on Be A Legend, where myClub appears. As a sixth year, Konami’s FIFA Ultimate Team is now firmly established in the series. Konami has played with several elements of myClub over the years, including ‘pack opening’, player cards, management skills and tournament formats, but where is the innovation?

We were a spokesman for myClub and we especially appreciate how someone with or without money can build a highly competitive team online without a bank loan. Now it’s time to set a higher goal. The interface has been refreshed, but a new overview of player stats has been refreshed and easier to see. Expected more content on release date.

A day after launch

A day after launch, up to five 1 match tournaments were added online to help build some currencies. You can play a ranking game but the format has not been disappointed. It is not clear how the rankings will improve or fall, and nothing close to the departmental system FIFA boasts. And we do not know why. It is not user friendly and shouts laziness. Of course, Konami loves doing things differently, but now it’s time for PES to really give FIFA fans a change.

Gameplay is a must, but depth allows people to continue playing. Of course, whimsical news, such as the message ‘Fair Play Always!’ When you first start the game, is fun, but it’s clear that the real football elements are missing. division! League! tournament! reward! In its current state it is slightly flat.

For example, when do you play offline on myClub’s computer? The reward is always the same. There is no real incentive at first, especially when playing in the ‘normal’ difficulty mode. There is also no league system to show progress. Obviously, none of this is game breaking.

There’s still a lot of depth and there’s no doubt about the weekly prizes and tournaments scheduled after launch. The main player is always treated, and hopes Konami will have something fresh in his sleeve as the year goes by.

PES 2020 offline experience

Many PES fans are purely buying the game for an offline experience and impressed with the new look Master League, but one of the main selling points of this year’s game is the new scenes and conversation options. To squash this immediately: The conversation does not affect saving beyond some headlines and the cut scene is cool and boring for 1 minute. We skipped those

On the other hand, we were disappointed that PES 20 did not accept women’s football, especially given the year of headlines around the world. FIFA has included a playable girls team since 2016. Now Konami has caught up. While discussing in 2016, the critical criticism of the Match Day experience at PES is commentary and in-game sound. Should we keep listening to the same commentary a few years ago? Not really.

Not only PES, but also FIFA is a disgusting problem, and the soccer shim didn’t get the sound right. Sometimes you hear crowds and are dynamic and in other cases you can forget that there are people. I hope this part will be greatly improved next year.

PES 2020 launch

launch. It is almost unforgivable to release a game to play online without many squad lists. Thankfully I have to fix it now but it’s a black mark and I’ll be surprised to pick up the fans on the first day. In fact, myClub has the foundation for great success, but it hasn’t run properly since its launch. The lack of offline format is a disappointment. Think about the issue of squad makers in FIFA. The animation when using Agents or Scouts is the same and it feels like a natural mode.

Then there is the player evolution model. We like to let Konami start every player at ‘level 1’. It’s a lot easier to digest, but there’s a better and more fun way to advance your cards beyond just playing games. Player evolution must be linked with achievements. To increase the card’s shooting statistics to 1, score 10 goals. Improve your defense stats by keeping 10 clean sheets with your defenders. 10 clearances sees an increase in heading and defense.

For all shortcomings, 2K leads this way, and Konami must find inspiration there. There is one area that we haven’t discussed yet, this is the new mode Matchday. Choose one of the two sides in ‘Match Day’ and compete in group games with players from around the world on different teams.

Konami idea about the game

The idea is that Konami will get enough points to select the best performers for the live streaming ‘final’ and advance to the finals. Fortunately, I can’t figure out how it works in the current state, unfortunately. The limited-time event lasts for 3 hours and has not been adjusted for the time zone so good luck if you live in the Far East.

Final word about PES 2020 game

The problem aside, this is another interesting entry for the series. Minor surgery is required in some areas and overhaul in other areas, but the quality of the pitch level is impressive, so we hope Konami will take all the shots into the next generation console era. For Match Day, the league is FIFA or higher. PES has a lot of fun, but our main concern is shelf life. There is not enough content to release and some areas have been incorrectly ignored.

However, the Euro 2020 DLC and Matchday (to be reworked) and the new myClub tournament will be held and will attract the attention of the fanbase. Do not expect anything groundbreaking this year and know that you will join in the time to buy the most satisfying football money.

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