People are complaining that Spotify’s new interface buries the repeat button

Spotify updated the interface last week and people got angry. The new update will reconfigure the button layout of your mobile app to push the "Repeat" and "Go to Queue" buttons into submenus and share their priorities.

Previously, the iteration and replay queues were easily accessible. Go to the page you are playing, but now you need to enter the 3-point menu in the upper right to enter the button. Finding the front and center is a sharing option that is displayed both on the song's currently playing screen and its submenus.

people are complaining that spotifys new interface buries the repeat button

The new Spotify interface

Several Reddit threads have changed the "Why on earth can you hide the repeat button from behind the menu? Move the heart button. Pretty much. Play, stop, stop. Most people use Beatle because they rarely use Spotify's repeat start button on a regular basis. Continue to press the Back button when you want to listen to "Repeat button only" and "Next time you want to listen to # 1 million times." "I found a supporter with a repeat button [19659006]

– tc (@chillmage) February 18, 2019

TC "Sometimes Lucy Dacus wants to downgrade the automatic software downgrade "

The Vertge has contacted Spotify about the changes, and the company representative says," We are always testing. It offers new products and features, and there is nothing to share at this time. "

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