PayPal is canceling accounts used by the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, and antifa groups

PayPal today announced that it will cancel multiple accounts of Proud Boys and anti-fascist groups, the opposition groups.

This action will make it much more difficult for the group to collect money online. This decision is the latest behavior of "platform" by the high-tech industry that has changed the way to effectively handle users who promote hatred or violence.

Prohibition includes Proud Boys accounts as well as accounts used by founder Gavin McInnes. The company also cancels accounts for Atlanta Antifa, Antifa Sacramento and Anti-Fascist Network. PayPal has previously canceled accounts for Antifa Philadelphia, Antifa Arkansas, Belfast Antifa, and Rose City Antifa. The company also canceled accounts used by Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defense Federation (TDP).

In a statement, the company claimed it was the best way to enforce the policy, just like any other technology platform.

A PayPal spokesman said: "Keeping free expression and open dialogue and protecting the principles of tolerance, diversity and respect for everyone is a necessary challenge for many companies. And to ensure that decisions are not value-driven and political. We carefully review your account and take appropriate action. We do not allow PayPal services to be used to promote hate, violence, or other forms of intolerance.

PayPal said it would no longer provide services because the conspiracy Web site Infowars was banned on several platforms in September.

Proud Boys recently joined antifa protesters who spoke at McInnes in New York City Three protesters were arrested on this occasion and several Proud Boys members were arrested on the day of the violence

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