Paypal bans Gab following Pittsburgh shooting

Early today, gunmen entered the synagogue of the Tree of Life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and 11 were killed before they were arrested by police. The suspect later turned out to be 46-year-old Robert Bowers, and Robert Bowers seemed to have made an anti-Semitic speech to the social network Gab. Paypal has banned sites on payment platforms, which are the latest action taken by major technology companies on annoying social networks.

In a statement to The Verge a PayPal spokesperson cited hate speech on behavior to confirm the ban.

Companies are diligent in conducting reviews and account actions. If the site permits hateful, violent, or discriminatory prejudice, it will take immediate and decisive action.

Shortly after the identity of the perpetrator was revealed by the media, a screenshot of his profile for Gab appeared. The anti-Semitic arguing . Gibson spoke in a statement to the media, saying, "He has blatantly condemned and condemned all acts of terrorism and violence" and has long welcomed hate speech on its platform. After I was informed that Bowers had a profile on the site, I contacted the law enforcement officer and gave him relevant information before he stopped the account.

PayPal is the latest major platform to boot Gab. Apple refused to host the site app in the iOS store, and in August 2017, Google removed the app from the Google Play Store for violating the hate speech policy. Microsoft posted anti Semitic posts on its site in July of this year. With Paypal's withdrawal of service, this site can lose its main revenue source.

After PayPal's actions, Gab's Twitter feed on Facebook and Twitter said "Do not allow terrorists on our platform" On its platform, rhetoric translates into real-world violence . But researchers are increasingly advertising messages on the online platform, and last week, Trump critics' bombing attempts have found that online rhetoric is paying attention to a role in recent weeks, months and years.

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