Paying to promote your tweets won’t do much for your personal brand

Why do people pay to promote their tweets? Is all the promoted tweet market a scam or can a tweet promoted make you famous and popular online? This week in Why did you press that button? Kaitlyn Tiffany and I try to find answers. Well, really, Kaitlyn delves into the depths of the promoted tweets and then reports what she learned.

In this episode, we chatted with a chronicler of the promoted tweets: the man behind the Promoted Tweets Twitter Account, as well as an influencer who has used promoted tweets to boost his own brand. We will not ruin how that was. Kaitlyn then takes a minute to promote her own tweet and gives us the results of that $ 50 investment. Then, the Verge commitment editor Ruben Salvadori steps in to offer some advice. Finally, we spoke with Patrick Abron, co-founder of, about self-promotion and the complexities and annoyances of "personal brand management".

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