Payday 2 Pirate Perfection

In Payday 2 game major changes were made, Unreal Tournament mode was added, and feedback was heard and other cheat tweaks were made.

If you need to remap a key in a .ini file, it’s a good idea to buy a mouse with additional buttons if you don’t already have one. If you really like the Payday 2 game, buy it.

Payday 2 Pirate Perfection

Here are some Payday 2 keys that will help you with your Pirate Perfection and those short keys will also help you to play this game smartly.


  • F1: Cheat Menu
  • F3: Weapon Boost

Recoil, Spread, Refresh, Speed, Swap, Armor Penetration & Sentry.

  • F4: Agility Boost

Dodge, Jump, Stamina, Fast Bagger / Mask / Placement / Interaction, Flashbang / No Fall Damage / Armor Move Penalty / Taser Effect / Directional and nerfed headbob, Stand anywhere, Run direction, Perform.

  • F5: Unlimited Everything

Ammo, saw, cable, messiah, medikit, pager, equipment, ECM battery, conversion, what used, sentry ammunition, ingredient.

  • F6: EVIL Master Mind

conversionx3, menacing, messiah, pager, doctor bags, cable, civ kill free.

  • F7: Ghost Recon

lootx10, ECM battery, fast bagger, stealth enhancer, no anastomosis, warp bullet, for attachment.

  • F8: Cash / Fund Booster

$ 10 Million Cash + $ 90 Million Offshore.

  • F9: Cash / Fund Reset

Resetting Cash and International Accounts.

  • F10: Skill Points / Level Boost

Set skill level to +580, Level 99.


Reset skill points and levels.

Insert: MAX HAX
All Cheat + Debug Menu
Effective cheat removal / deactivation
End: win immediately

Installation note

Extract RAR to gamer and don’t mess directory structure. Once installed, you should have 2 new files in the game directory and a folder called Trainer.

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