Pandora now lets you change its algorithm for selecting music

Pandora gives listeners more control over which songs play their custom radio stations with a new feature called Pandora Modes.

The classic Pandora algorithm has long chosen what it plays when you start a new artist season, but these alternative modes allow you to change to other types of healing for different experiences. The modes work better the more you interact with the service while listening. Each thumbs up or down in a song tells you which clues Pandora will send you.

There are now six listening modes: My Station, which is the original Pandora algorithm; Crowd Faves, which will favor the songs that have the most thumbs of other users in that station; Deep Cuts, which will serve lesser-known songs by an artist or in a genre; Discovery, which will play more artists that are not usually in that station; Newly Released, which will only pick up the newest songs by an artist or in a genre; and only for artists, which will allow you to fully enjoy the catalog of just one artist.

pandora now lets you change its algorithm for selecting music

Image: Pandora

Pandora has been making many changes in the way content is consumed on the platform. For example, their recent Historias tool combines podcasts with music to allow podcasters to experiment with new storytelling formats. Modes is another change that can be expanded to different types of user listening habits, allowing someone to feel sorry for listening to The Beatles, for example, or clinging to newly released songs in a genre.

The new Pandora Modes are released today for free and Premium Listeners.

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