Panasonic’s Lumix S1H can shoot 6K video with a full-frame sensor

Panasonic's Lumix Mirrorless Cameras are widely regarded as the best choice for anyone who wants to produce beautiful video within a mortal budget. The company is expanding its reputation to higher price, quality and resolution today by announcing the Lumix S1H, a full-frame shooter capable of recording 6K video at 24 fps, for $ 4,000. It is a fresh repeating version of the Lumix S1, which debuted at Photokina last year.

The world's first full-frame camera to launch in the fall, the upcoming Lumix S1H features a 3: 2 aspect ratio 6K / 24p or 16: 9 5.9K / 30p. Except for your own coolness, this conflict of resolution features should be of great help to those who shoot 4K. Otherwise, you can apply or apply video stabilization without losing image quality.

Panasonic advertises its wide dynamic range of 14+ stops in the Lumix S1H, helping to capture details even in extremely dark or light areas of the scene. . The company has not specifically stated whether the S1H will have internal image stabilization capabilities such as S1 and high-resolution S1R, but it is likely to be included in cameras specially designed for video capture. Also important for video photographers: S1H has no recording time limit, so it is limited only by the capacity of the memory card and the battery of the camera.

At a price of $ 4,000, the Panasonic Lumix S1H is a rigorous professional equipment, but it still gives a positive surprise to many people who expect this type of camera to be close to $ 6,000. (It would neatly match at 6K resolution). My experience with the Lumix S1 used to shoot Powerbeats Pro was excellent, with fast performance, beautiful bokeh, and ease of use for such bulky or threatening things. If Lumix S1H continues to expand into the video domain, Panasonic will be another winner.

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