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With Fortnite, which delivers complete cross-platform play across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and mobile, you can expect other games to follow quickly, but not yet. In fact, the latest addition to the cross-platform game family, Play heroes shooter Paladins game is a free, cross-play update available today – but not the PS4.

Paladins Game update

Cross platform games are available on Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. This means that you can effectively access the smallest pool of players when playing on the PS4. In other words, it would not have been a surprise to everyone because the Paladins developer had previously explicitly stated his position on cross-platform games after Fortnite, enabled full cross-platform play.

Hopefully, whatever the problem is, maintaining the activation of cross-platform games on the PS4 side will soon be resolved. You can see some of the patch notes for the latest update below.

New update & features

Fixed an issue where the player could choose an unsaved load-out if the game was interrupted during the game. Fixed an issue where Lian ‘s Lounge Emote did not include chairs. Fixed text error in Jenos Squidbert skins. Fixed Death Stamp order in Profile Equipment menu. Decreases CC by% instead of duration by slower effect.

Paladins game map

Fixed several gate conflicts in Wada. One of them allows the player to pass through the bottom of the map.

You can download Paladins game now

Download Link Here

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