Our top 5 tips and tricks for PowerPoint in Office 365


In addition to Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents, another central part of any business and Office 365 experience is PowerPoint. When you have to sit in meetings with bosses, colleagues and cohorts, having a visual signal to keep them awake will help, and PowerPoint is usually the best option.

But not all PowerPoint presentations are created equally. In our latest installment of our Office 365 tips and tricks series, we will now show our 5 best tips and tricks for PowerPoint, hoping to help you become a master in presentations.

Use the Zoom function for long presentations

One One of the worst things that can happen when going through PowerPoint slides during a presentation is to lose your place. Worse, it is when someone asked you to return to a slide, or if you forgot to mention something about a slide at the beginning of your presentation. Well, don't worry anymore.

With the Zoom function in PowerPoint, you can pass the slides with transitions without interruptions, focus on the details that matter most. This is how you can start with this.

  • Click on the tab Insert and then choose Zoom
  • Click on Sliding zoom
  • Choose your options. Summary, section or zoom.

Summary will insert a summary of the selected slides. Therefore, when you present, you can click or use the summary slide to expand the content. Section will help you and your audience with the context of the slide and you can return to a specific slide or portion of a PowerPoint presentation, if necessary. Slide zoom will help by including a link to a slide on which you can click to navigate, without leaving your current program.

Use Designer to brighten your presentations

Not everyone is creative enough to manually create beautiful and fluid PowerPoint presentations that capture the attention of an audience. Well, the Designer tool in PowerPoint can help by suggesting themes, colors, fonts, photos and more. It is also easy to start. Here's how.

  • Create a new PowerPoint presentation
  • Go to Design tab
  • Click on the icon Design ideas in the far right corner
  • ] Order a suggested design

Designer is a good alternative to the built-in templates function, which can be quite generic.

Use ink to draw on slides for more natural presentations

During a presentation, perhaps with numbers and graphics, having a touchscreen PC like Surface will be one of its biggest advantages. You can ink your presentations and point out important figures, quotes, graphics and more. This will make your presentation much more natural. This is how it can begin.

  • Click on the tab Slide show and make sure Presenter view is activated
  • From the tab Slide show click to Start the slide show
  • In the Presenter View, you will notice that there are some icons at the bottom left of the screen. Click on the one that looks like a pen.
  • Choose the Pencil from the pop-up menu
  • Drag the Pencil on the screen to ink the slide.

For further customization, you can choose the ink color of the pen. Once your slide show is finished, you can even choose Keep or Discard your ink.

 Our 5 best tips and tricks for PowerPoint in Office 365

Collaborate PowerPoint presentations with OneDrive, or convert to PDF

During a presentation, most in the room can be in your room Laptop or smartphone. That is why it is better to send a copy of the presentation so that your audience can follow it if necessary. To do this, you can use the power of OneDrive to send a link to your presentation so everyone can see it. This is how you can share and invite others to collaborate on your PowerPoint through OneDrive.

  • Go to the File tab and click Save as
  • Choose option OneDrive
  • Once saved in your OneDrive, return to your PowerPoint and click on the Share icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Enter the email addresses to share and change the permissions to You can edit or You can see .
  • Click Share

Most people can have Office 365 installed on their PC, but in some cases, it may not. Therefore, you can convert a PowerPoint to a PDF file. You can easily do it by going to the File tab and clicking Save as. Then, in the drop-down menu, you'll want to choose PDF (* .pdf)

 Our 5 best tips and tricks for PowerPoint in Office 365

Use the pattern of slides to create a coherent presentation

Nothing is more annoying than sitting on a PowerPoint, just for the subject to change every slide. It is a visual distraction and can ruin the appearance of a presentation. To make sure that never happens, you can use Slide Master in PowerPoint. Here we show you how to do it.

  • Click See and then choose Slide pattern .
  • A lot of new slides will open and you can edit these slides. Once you apply a change to the slide master, all PowerPoint slides of the same format will use the same pattern.
  • You can then insert the items you want to remain the same in the slide show.

This feature is especially useful for inserting company logos and photos, as it will maintain a consistent appearance as the presentation progresses. No more visual distractions for your viewers!

 Our 5 best tips and tricks for PowerPoint in Office 365

How will you put the Power in PowerPoint?

Be it the Zoom, designer, inking or collaboration function, these 5 main tips and tricks for PowerPoint are just the beginning. There is much more you can do with PowerPoint. We've only scratched the surface, and there's a lot you can learn.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any tips or tricks you would like to share. And make sure you stay tuned to our Office 365 center for all your Microsoft Office news and information.

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