Ouch. Reinstalling Windows 10 again? By 2020, a

A little longer wait before Redmond servers can rescue a broken installation

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Windows is installing, wait

Microsoft responded to speculation that Windows 10 would be acquiring a recovery option in the cloud – with a concise confirmation in the issuance of Windows Insider last night.

The launch, planned this time instead of being accidentally thrown over all Windows Insider rings, was a bit boring if it weren't for some mocking text: "The initiates may notice some references to & # 39; Download in the cloud & # 39; related to the restart or update of the PC ".

That would be a euphemism. Before the 18950 compilation, Windows fans had been happily picking up last week's surprise to see what things could be saved. In addition to some interface ideas for the Start menu, some speculated on some completely more interesting features.

The infamous poker of Windows internal components The Walking Cat pointed out some messages that implied a cloud download option could be in the works, hopefully users who are facing reset A PC can take Apple's distinctive path of having its machine download a pristine copy of the operating system from Microsoft's cloud servers instead of searching for recovery media.

While Microsoft has tried adding restart and upgrade options to Windows over the years, sometimes only a "nuclear weapon from orbit" will work. When a practical recovery image is not available, downloading the ISO and flashing to a USB drive may end up being the only option, although inconvenient.

Mac users, of course, have enjoyed the ability to restore their hardware thanks to downloading images from Apple. Microsoft has played with Cloud Recovery for its Surface line, but this marks a change in the Windows 10 operating system, which has traditionally seen Microsoft let hardware manufacturers handle recovery images.

Unfortunately, it seems that the faithful of Windows have to wait a while to see how the implementation will actually work (or if it will be maintained in Windows 10 of 2020) since the gang admits that "it is not available and still works" .

The rest of the building was less exciting. Do the improvements in the clipping and sketch tool and the Japanese input method editor complete the changes and that annoying anti-cheat code in the games? It still causes failures if the vendor has not updated their software.

Still, for anyone (and probably there are many of you) who have had to scrape the remains of a Windows 10 installation terminally deleted from a hard drive and paste something new in its place, a function to eliminate the need To rummage with memory cards and ISO images will be very welcome.

Once I finally arrived. ®

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