Oppo’s 10x optical zoom system really works

Oppo received a promise, not a phone call, at this year's Mobile World Congress. This promise is a lossless 10x optical zoom from the new triple camera camera system just announced by the company. I tried it from myself. And I can not say that the results are as clean as having a dedicated camera with a true optical zoom system, but this is clearly the closest challenge we could not overcome.

The core component of the Oppo system is the Periscope setting inside the phone. The light arrives through a single lens, reaches a series of additional lenses that are reflected by a mirror, and then arrives at the image sensor, which is positioned perpendicular to the body of the phone. The telephoto lens in the Oppo array is responsible for the 35mm equivalent of 160mm. Between that lens, a regular wide-angle lens and a super wide angle equivalent to 16mm, you can get a 10x range that Oppo promises.


The prototype device Oppo was provided for testing, but the camera software was locked to allow only locked pictures. We are encouraged by the fact that Oppo has added Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) capability to both the main and telephoto lenses at 48 megapixel resolution, but we can not attempt to shoot video. You need to zoom because you need more OIS as you need more. The telescope OIS of Oppo is done by shaking the mirror in millimeters in response to the user's unintended hand movements.

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