Oppo O-Free review: the $100 AirPods for Android

There are many wireless earbuds on the market today, but I have not had much experience with Apple's AirPod yet. You can create a wireless earbud with a well-designed case, excellent battery life and complete software (including iOS).

Almost all competitors focused on weaknesses and tried to use AirPod indirectly. – Optimal design and noise isolation. Oppo's new O-Free earbuds go a lot better than anything else while trying Apple's games. These are the closest you can get to an AirPods-on-iOS experience without owning an iPhone.

Unfortunately, not so good. But it is a courageous attempt anyway.

O-Frees comes with the Oppo & # 39; s Lamborghini Edition of the ambitious Find X flagship phone with the recently tested super-fast Super VOOC charger. It is the first product to use a new Qualcomm chipset called the QCC3026. The QCC3026 is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers to include a wireless earbud with a mobile phone. Find X Lamborghini Edition is € 1,699 ($ ​​1,950) and O-Frees only sells 699 yuan ($ 100), which is yet to begin with yet.

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Like AirPod, O-Frees is designed with a solid plastic shape, whether or not it fits your ears. If you do not like AirPod because you do not have a silicon tip to aid in sizing or sound separation, you will not like it. However, this design allows for a small case, making the buds that can tilt the ears throughout the day more comfortable and practical. This is actually one of my favorite things for both products. It is really convenient to be ready to go home when you need to hear something without blocking the world when you do not.

O-Frees But like AirPod, you should be sitting comfortably. While AirPods are securely fastened to the stem that follows the contours of my head, O-Frees has bulb protrusions that protrude slightly from the ears, making it more difficult to forget that I am wearing them. They are smaller than most competitors at least, and are personally more visible and less visible than AirPod. But I keep looking for something odd and crude for any device you put in your ear to expose the electrical contacts. The gold ingredient used in the charge is in contact with the skin. (And since my girlfriend thought O-Frees was "funnier than AirPod", I can not promise anything about personal style.)

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The fact that there is no AirPod is much better than O-Frees. AirPods may be useless on airplanes or trains, but I really like playing sounds in a quiet place, which is getting worse everywhere. Harsh treble and weak bass can be used to describe their sound as relatively thinner. They are not horrible and do a great job of reproducing well-balanced works. Giles Martin's fantastic new mix of the Beatles' "Back in the U.S.S.R." sounds great on O-Frees. But if it is bigger like modern pop music or metal, it feels one-dimensional.

O-Frees does not use AirPod to listen to important podcasts, YouTube videos, and soon. For that purpose, they repeat the AirPods experience pretty well – often from the obvious imitations. When you open the case near Oppo Find X, you can save a trip to your phone's Bluetooth settings by displaying an almost identical pop-over that allows you to connect or view battery information. Oppo also emulates the AirPod 's Earphone Stand – by feature and also provides the ability to pause audio by removing one sprout from the ear. However, this feature is very reliable, but playback was not able to restart about half. time. You do not know what the problem is, but you do not need to copy the feature if it does not work correctly.

Oppo estimates that O-Frees has a battery life of about 4 hours and offers three charges. By the case. Although it is not as long as the specified 24-hour total for AirPod, it found that O-Frees lasts as long as Oppo claims. I think 16 hours total is very suitable for this product.

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Qualcomm has shown mixed wireless performance in O-Frees with respect to the QCC3026 chip. The range was very good. Helped to support Bluetooth 5.0. I could not do it with Airpod without having to stop Play on the second floor with Find X on my desk. Audio latency is negligible when watching video, and not for inexpensive wireless earbuds. However, the underlying connectivity was not robust. Sometimes I heard a sprout drop in quality for a period of time, and in other cases I heard two defects together. AirPod is experiencing a similar problem, but experience it there is no such error.

Given the choice, I'm rather used to ignoring O-Frees smartphone boxes than Lightning EarPods or cheap 3.5mm peaks when I open it. And if it's a situation we can look forward to at less than $ 2,000 in cost, I am all for it. O-Frees is not as good as AirPod, but it is not expensive and "free" is better.

As a standalone product, but not entirely recommended. You use Oppo phones and it is important to integrate smooth software. Or if you want something as close to $ 100 AirPod as possible. O-Frees is okay, but it's not clear when you can get a first-class experience at this price level.

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