Oppo has the fastest fast charging we’ve ever seen

High-speed charging is a standard feature of advanced smartphones, which allows battery technology to refill faster, thus relieving the slow progress of battery technology. Qualcomm's unique Quick Charge technology is widely used and updated on a regular basis, and Apple offers different types of features for the latest iPhone if you want to purchase the MacBook charger and USB-C with Lightning cable.

But the best results we've seen so far come from OnePlus's proprietary Dash Charge system, which currently increases supply and requires certain chargers and cables. Sister-slash Pioneer Oppo is the same technology used in the name of VOOC, which represents deep breathing voltage open-loop, multi-stage constant current charging. Now Oppo has returned to Super VOOC and the results are very impressive.

35 minutes. It took me a while to fully charge the Oppo Find X's Automobili Lamborghini Edition with a super VOOC charger tied to it. From 0 to 100 in 2100 seconds. The phone showed a charge rate of 34% in 10 minutes, half full after 15 minutes, 1 / 20th full, and 92% after 30 minutes I came.

This is the fastest I've seen paying smartphone fees in full. (Oppo claims exactly the same, which works well until that moment) and X Lamborghini is different from having a small battery – 3,400mAh. It is slightly smaller than the usual 3,730mAh cell of X, but still bigger than 3,300mAh OnePlus 6.

With dash charging, OnePlus 6 reached 60% capacity until Find X Lamborghini was fully charged. 45 minutes to pass the last 40%. And until it became Super VOOC, this was the best. For example, the iPhone-C's USB-C PD solution only 50% of its 2,658mAh battery in just 30 minutes.

<img alt = "Super VOC is an end-to-end solution designed to support cell phone batteries Find X Lamborghini's battery is divided into two 1,700 mAh cells, which the Super VOOC charger pushes 10V / 5A

Unfortunately, the Super VOOC currently has a small number of Oppo mobile phones, including the R17 Pro. It is available only at an incredibly expensive find X Lamborghini.But if history is implied, technology can appear to flow to some extent on the OnePlus phone.

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