OnePlus plans to have the first 5G phone in Europe

Everyone's focus will be on the new OnePlus 6T today announced this morning. But OnePlus itself is already looking ahead. OnePlus announced last week that it is developing a 5G phone to launch the 5G phone in the first half of next year, and the upcoming 5G phone was the point of discussion at the 6T launch event.

Cristiano Amon, president of QUALCOMM's 845 processor, said, "We are delighted to be working with OnePlus to include 5G smartphones in the near future." Prior to the release of the 6T, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said OnePlus is planning to launch a fifth generation phone next year and is already working with European operators to promote the business. "We are confident that we will be the first 5th generation phone in Europe," Lau said in a translator.

I asked why I needed to jump to 5G, and Lau said that the 5G network was not yet launched anywhere in the world, but there was a lot of customer demand. Lau says the company is also interested in developing 5G devices early on to better understand its capabilities and the capabilities it can provide to its customers.

The current device trace of OnePlus is unchanged. Lau said the new 5G devices will coexist with existing 4G LTE phones because 5G is not available globally until next year. "Because it's an extra product, our workload doubles." "It will be its own telephone line."

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