OnePlus is launching a new backpack alongside the OnePlus 6T

Last summer OnePlus launched an excellent travel backpack with the OnePlus 5 flagship smartphone. By this fall, OnePlus will release the new OnePlus 6T and OnePlus Explorer backpacks. I just got the 18L Explorer for review and it's far out of the OnePlus's original bag. A smoother, smaller, more sophisticated Explorer was an appeal to image-critical demographics. I would like to say that OnePlus is also looking for higher prices, but the company has not yet announced pricing so it makes the bag itself impossible.

The Explorer is all about side access pockets. On the front, you can hide reasonably large items such as chargers, pencil cases, cell phones, and headphones. Then there is a laptop compartment in the rear accessible from the side and a mini-side pocket next to it designed to hide your passport, wallet or back phone. The main compartment can be accessed by lifting the flap and opening the zipper that exposes the top and one side of the L-shape. And there are pockets with ventilation holes designed for umbrellas or sweat. Gym T-shirt.

I have an immediate problem with this bag, and I need to use the flap lock to keep the top flap in place. Boundary Errant It is disappointing because it is made of magnet like backpack. If you do not fill the bag with things, when you have a more swollen shape, the snap handle becomes impossible to make proper contact on the first try. Regaining one quality, I can see that this bag does not need to open a lot of main space. It has direct access to the large front pocket and rear lap top.

oneplus is launching a new backpack alongside the oneplus 6t

Photos: OnePlus

Explorer backpacks are offered in nominal colors that are mostly gray in color (drawn on the top with orange accents on the pull tabs on the front) or basic black. The exterior is made of water-repellent Cordura and the zipper exposed to the elements is also waterproof. When OnePlus launches the OnePlus 6T, you need to know the full price and release date details at the same time.

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