One week with Apple News Plus: a messy but good-enough Netflix for magazines

There are a lot of things to be said about Apple's new News Plus subscription service. For example, you can predict how well existed threats exist in an industry that is a good deal for the media business and is already at risk. However, there is a debate about whether iOS users actually use the service and can afford to pay for it in the long term. Given that it provides a great user experience and does not offer a lot of real hard news, is a $ 10 monthly subscription charged?

I sent last week using Apple News Plus. It was released on Monday as the only fully embodied product in Apple's large media and service event designed to show an exaggerated response to the future of the post iPhone. There are certainly weird design shortcomings, but if it costs $ 10 a month, News Plus is the most comprehensive magazine subscription service on the market. (Scribd is a very effective alternative for non-iOS users.)

If you are thinking about joining, you should focus on getting services designed primarily for magazines. Some customers must agree to the free access to New Yorker, Rolling Stone Wired and hundreds of other new issues, which can be costly. But there are a lot of caution.

Netflix-for-magazine, based on Apple's full textured offerings, was acquired last year and was reborn as a premium Apple Newswire tier. Apple News Plus includes Condé Nast, Time Inc. There are many trades originally owned by Texture, including huge publishing brands such as Meredith Corporation and Hearst.

Many of these magazines have already published articles in some form in Apple News, but you can get full printing problems with files that you can download from a magazine close to your company's Apple News Format or PDF style files. iPad was first released. (According to MacStories less than half of all magazines available in the service use Apple News Format or ANF, which means that more complex mobile and tablet-only layout options are available. Whether you're paying for Apple News Plus or not, it's usually a good idea to read the magazine and earn more than $ 120 a year, and one step further, how news delivery affects how important this service is. Do you prefer News's algorithm and human curation, or do you want to manually select individual stories when browsing collections? News Plus is no doubt wrong. Evaluate the news delivery mechanism and overall value to do Apple News Plus

one week with apple news plus a messy but good enough netflix for magazines

With the iOS 12.2 update, Apple News Plus is now on the dedicated center tab in the mobile app, which clearly shows what's currently open and why you should subscribe, with a large "magazine" header at the top With catalog search options and a carousel of the latest magazines of interest, Spartan and simple, Apple can navigate the entire catalog of more than 250 magazines and easily navigate to a list of categories.

When you scroll through the Newsplus tab, there are moderate recommendations and curations in the background in the background, but it is not really useful what is visible and why it is so opaque and why it does not feel like it. This service is readable Amazing buffet in Riga, but Apple does not have nearly helping to steer the huge mountainous terrain that readers can access now. It's better than tapping a button on 5 to 10 magazines that are interested in reading weekly or monthly and reading the new issue list.

With regard to the reading experience, there is no standardization across publications, so it is difficult to know what you are getting when you download a problem. A magazine you are not familiar with. Due to the density of the interface, you navigate to the article page from the table of contents of the issue and read or launch gun pains from the publishing hub. Regardless of whether the magazine uses ANF or PDF-style file formats, I often come across very often intertwined page designs with heavily translated articles designed to be unreadable on the phone screen.

The closest thing to a carefully designed layout is a text magazine like The New Yorker and that relies on drop caps and intermittent photos. Pull the page or two to flick the page. The reason why these layouts are undesirable is to tell you how much you need to understand Apple in terms of design, using both the tools you provide to publishers and the way you organize information in the default News Plus tab. It has become part of the company's new premium services.

When I start to scroll down, I start to notice the first of many annoying design shortcomings. Apple News Plus does not click on the magazine on the News Plus tab. Instead, you'll need to go to the "Follow" section, search for magazines by name, and tap the heart icon. Doing so will show up in the carousel of the most recent issue. To explore past issues of a magazine, you must tap the logo at the top of the screen to go to the magazine's homepage. You can see a list of recent issues that you can download by turning pages here. Top.

Magazines give you a basic table of contents specifically designed for Apple News Plus. Despite these customized treatments, there is a wide range of possibilities, from publications to publications. Even the best, most detailed formats will only get section headers and intermittent lines. As with some Condé magazines, some versions only provide a contextless print headline list.

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That makes it difficult to tell exactly what story you are tapping and the length of the story. Esquire was one of the few magazines that seemed to contain article descriptions in the TOC.) The closest estimate to the time reading is the scroll bar, which indicates where the article is located. In conclusion, TOC is the worst design element of Apple News Plus and requires serious design overhaul that both publishers and Apple can think of.

Magazines that rely on ANF for real page layouts are more effective at converting print layouts to digital. However, many graphic publications and more adventurous article designers are clearly torn between creating clear and simple layouts and experimenting with ANF's unique benefits.

Contains GIF-style animations and containers for custom headers, pulls, and captions, but these elements have a very different way of applying them. I have often found articles in the same issue of some magazines that feature significantly different levels of complexity in layout. It is unclear whether this is a time-consuming or cumbersome issue for Apple's tools to provide a custom touch that is appropriate for each story, or lack of resources and investment for the publisher's purpose.

Another flaw is that only the latest issues and new issues to come will get a special design. If you tap the previous arc, such as Wired or Rolling Stone you must read the page by page or go to the full PDF style overview. If you try to read a page, the text is too small and you need to zoom in manually. This is clearly not the ideal way to read backlogs from digital magazines, and it's a big problem for those looking for Apple News Plus as a way to work through the latest archives. It is also unclear how far backlogs of a single publication will go without you scrolling directly. Most popular publications appear to have uploaded only issues between March and September last year.

Overall experience in newspapers has deteriorated significantly. Two of the largest participating newspapers in the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times are all publicly available, but only as featured article boxes that can be found once. Scroll down 1/3 of the News Plus tab, following all magazine recommendations. It is not clear how this story was adopted or whether the latest news is available. Choices tend to feature many stories or sometimes old stories all day long.

1554132874 776 one week with apple news plus a messy but good enough netflix for magazines

WSJ or LA Times To actually search for an offering, you must tap on the story and then tap on the logo at the top. When you get there, you get a standard Apple news layout. This layout distinguishes publications by section, such as Home, US, World, Business, and Entertainment. Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether stories are available through articles that are available to subscriptions or non-paying subscribers. Even if your article's timestamp indicates that you did not receive the latest stream of articles, you should still believe that you've gained a full premium experience.

With the disruption after Monday's announcement of how much access they got when accessing the digital version of WSJ (WSJ 19459006) for $ 37 a month, Dow Jones Dow Jones) Most of the algorithmic services that "think you are interested in" are going to be provided, although you should be clear about the fact that internal executives can actually search individual articles.

These design and delivery issues are sufficient to cool News Plus. They are mostly strange inconsistencies, and we talk more about Apple's approach to partners that seems to pay particular attention to the details, specifics, and investment of participating magazines and newspapers during the annoyance. Fortunately, as time goes by, more standardization takes place and these design issues are resolved.

1554132874 580 one week with apple news plus a messy but good enough netflix for magazines

The biggest question to ask is whether to actually use Apple News Plus and two services that are easier to use for most consumers, such as Netflix or Spotify subscriptions

To read fervently, you can get two of your favorite publications, much less than $ 9.99 a month Apple charges for News Plus. New Yorker costs $ 60 per year for issues that are issued for nearly 50 weeks, while the new paid monthly subscription and monthly magazine subscriptions for Wired are about half. Save money and sign up directly to contribute directly to both publications. This will allow digital access to the website and full publish download.

If you want to read The Wall Street Journal Apple News Plus is the cheapest and best thing to do right now. However, if you do not subscribe to News Plus, it becomes very difficult to read this paper, as the design and delivery mechanisms inherent in the current state of the service will give you full access to the actual version or website. Given that WSJ is generally getting only a fraction of the $ 10 subscription fee for products sold for $ 37 a month, I do not think there is anything financially helpful in dealing with Apple I was very suspicious.

Except for these extensive economic compromises, people who enjoy magazines believe that News Plus is safe if it is a definite deal. Every time an individual issue is announced, you'll be satisfied if you get used to it. You can earn money by reading more than three books a month. Because Apple offers a free trial during the first month, any service you want to use in the long term can be found directly by Apple.

However, as the first evidence of Apple's new approach to software services, News Plus is dirty and inconsistent because of concerns about how similar TV and gaming services will get messed up later this year. For publications that do not currently participate in NewsPlus, I can not be sure that the initial status of this service will agree with Apple's ridiculous words.

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