One way Twitter’s ad archive improves on Facebook’s

The key question in the mid-term approach is how the campaign was able to adapt to the fact that digital advertising is public. Thanks to an online archive created this year by Facebook, Google, and Twitter, we now have unprecedented campaign visibility. But as I mentioned a few times now, advertisers are working hard to make themselves less visible. 19659002] ProPublica has identified 12 advertising campaigns from industrial lobby organizations that can not cover genuine patrons.

Twelve ad campaigns, with Facebook totaling more than $ 800,000, show significant gaps in new public policy enforcement, and Sheyl Sandberg's chief operating officer, Sheil Sandberg, The conviction for the US Senate in May is "Who Paid" Ads. Facebook's rules were adopted last May by Russia's intervention in the 2016 campaign, which confirms that individuals advertising on the platform have US postal addresses, government agency IDs and social security numbers, It can be an obstacle. However, once these requirements are met, Facebook can secretly promote political agendas because US corporations do not verify that advertisers listed in the "pay-for" disclosure have legal status.

Facebook told reporter Jeremy B. Merrill said he did not have the resources to evaluate the names of all the advertisers submitted to evaluate their credibility.

Facebook's director of product management, Rob Leathern, said Facebook does not identify the source of all political advertising. "The fact that there is no reliable source to see all the possible object names that are valid, including the business as a" name, "he said, is a fallacy. "Facebook is mainly monitoring abusive, hatred and rejection of" ambiguous or inaccurate "descriptions and URLs (prohibited because they are not official names), he said.

In particular, Twitter is different and more likely For example, Energy In Depth's ads are listed on the Independent Petroleum Association of America (USPTO), which is the name given to the advertiser's name, Has a disclaimer on Twitter paid but has not abandoned its ads on Facebook

Facebook [19659009] The back side of advertisers' publicity is that the platform requires people to identify themselves in order to publish ordinary political material. The Atlantic

Most of the banned advertisements on Facebook were national parks or Veterans Day, a banned ad was a music that shared a name with a candidate Facebook has banned 5% of its ads from its Veterans Day meeting, and Facebook has also banned 18% of national park ads from linking to government websites. , Facebook critics have reversed them and believe they are mistaken at first Close

Maybe these mistakes are not surprising. Overall, Facebook has banned a percentage of product ads that contain 11% of the candidate ads people in parks and parades ad This is a difference of 10 percentage points. Political advertising often refers to images and values ​​common to many Americans. Machine learning models designed to detect these political ads can easily learn these functions and systematically ban information and ideas that are central to the lives of non-partisan American citizens. Whatever the reason, the company banned product advertisements.

It is annoying to send postcards to Facebook to buy event ads in national parks. Nevertheless … I really can not take care of myself. In conclusion Atlantic The author wrote thickly as follows. "The biggest collateral damage from this protection can be a non-partisan community, and we need a dialogue that divides society." Facebook does not prohibit bipartisan society.


Midterm election 2018: Track campaign advertising from health care to taxes and jobs

Speaking about advertising, Bloomberg added: Provides beautiful data visualization of political advertising topics across the country categorized by location and media.

In many parts of the country, candidates and support groups are still focusing on PocketBook books and focusing on advertising. Tax cuts and job increases. Elsewhere, politics is still a regional topic, such as public safety, and teacher salaries and tariffs on crops all lead to political dialogue. In Tennessee, I praise Donald Trump.

Bloomberg News analyzed more than three million election advertisements in the Congress and District Race in 2018, giving them a sense of the most commonly discussed issues in the Nielsen-defined 210 regional TV markets . company. 19659020] Facebook Allow advertisers targeting users who are interested in the "White Slaughter" despite the Pittsburgh Holocaust

and Still 16 topics from across the United States are mentioned. ]

The Intercept earlier this week was able to select the "white genocide conspiracy theory" as a predefined "detailed targeting" criterion. Through social networks, Facebook has promoted two groups of articles that have labeled 168,000 users as "people who express interest or like pages about the White Genocide conspiracy". Paid publicity was approved by Facebook's advertising wing. After contacting the company, Facebook immediately removed the targeting category, apologized, and said that it should not exist at first.

A Russian hacker told the BBC. They obtained personal information from 120 million accounts. Facebook says it has not been compromised, the number may be exaggerated, and data leakage is likely a flaw in the fake third-party browser extension. I do not know how to make this story.

The hacker offered to sell 10 cents (8p) access per account. However, the ad was moved offline.

Facebook executive Guy Rosen said, "We contacted the browser maker so that the popular malicious extension can no longer be downloaded from the store." We also contact law enforcement agencies to display information on their Facebook account

Google CEO Pichai said his employee is still a boss during an employee rebellion

Sundar Pichai, despite yesterday's excommunication, is in charge of Google

"We do not run the company on a referendum," Pichai told a conference in New York Thursday.

China is reducing the use of the Internet and helping US technology companies

Shannon Liao reports on Internet companies' free internet decline yesterday in China and Freedom House

As companies strive to secure nearly one billion Internet users in China, the promise of profits is greater than the promise of free online freedom. Accelerating the Hundreds of US Internet services in China are already blocked, I fully agree with the government that although US companies are likely to grow in China without compromising their value, the experience of a late US company proves how difficult it is, if not impossible

How Apple News deals with midterms [19659034] Oremus will look at Apple's plans to deal with midterms

Apple's Midterm Elections project launched in June is already in full swing, but it starts at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time (ET) will launch a redesigned Election Edition on November 6 Midterms News occupies the top of your app's main & # 39; Today & # 39; feed and the & # 39; Digest & # 39; tab, and is also displayed in widgets that appear when you swipe right from your home screen on your iOS device. This section draws the latest results based on AP (Associated Press) data, updated once per minute without refreshing the page, and also allows users to access CNN, Fox News, and other clips Will receive live TV on at least two major networks with a clip of

Apple's top executives openly agree that the company Decisive way. Roger Roger (Roger Rosner) responsible application manager recently in an interview with The New York Times, "We have a responsibility to work in there.

Peter Thiel says Facebook ads in Russia have not helped Trump win the election.

Well, then! I'm sorry to bite you. (19659039)

Twitter twitter listed on the topic "Kill All Jews" after the Brooklyn synagogue was destroyed

Today reminds me of the day long before retirement "The fastest rising theme in social feeds". They refuse to send employees to gambling, being susceptible to abuse, and seeing which keywords are popular until the platform is too late.

Google's role as best Washington lobbyist

Susan Molinari, a former Republican congressman, is leaving. David McCabe announced the company at the end of the year. She will continue to advise:

Earlier this year, GE hired GE executive Karan Bhatia to lead global policy. Bhatia e-mailed policy staff working on the Americas to report and report that Molinari "will focus on critically important goals that strengthen relations with key external components".

Alt-Right and Alt-Social Media [19659046] Now I've heard about Gab. But are you familiar with other right-wing social networks like and Voat? Digital Forensics Research Lab introduces you: is advertised as a "free press" Facebook alternative. It is worth noting that does not mention shared ownership in Seen.Life's ad text.

Alt-right, xenophobia, anti-Semitic content is particularly prevalent in Seen.Life. The most popular group on this early social networking site is "Resistance to Islam". It is described as a group devoted to "[Islam] situation resolution" and calls on moderate Muslims to "change their belief systems or face the anger of the state they are trying to occupy."

Unfold Introduces Instagram Stories

Katharine Schwab introduces Alfonso Cobo with 11 million downloads in an app that creates Instagram stories.

Unfold can help with Instagram Story template-only apps. Founded by Alfonso Cobo in March 2017 – Unfold started with an app that created a portfolio through the iPad before Instagram Stories caught it. "Instagram Stories was really limited in terms of tools and was a way to promote our work on this platform," says Cobo. "

The Unfold app offers a complete UX feature that allows you to select five separate series of individual page templates with different aesthetics and add photos and text to compose stories. I will. . Once everything is designed, you can save each page as a separate image and easily upload it to Instagram. (Or you can share directly from the app itself.)


Snapchat Election Day The location of the polls is displayed in the Snap Map.

Snap for this for:

In preparation for the US mid-term elections on November 6, Snapchat can now add voters' lenses and filters to view voter polling place locations on the election day Snap Map. According to Engadget this filter will wear Bitmoji as a special outfit in Snapmaps.

This feature is part of Snapchat's ongoing commitment to encourage young voters to go to the polls. In September, the app registered all user profiles over the age of 18 with a link to the voter registration page to allow over 400,000 users to vote in two weeks.

Tencent releases Snap glasses

I have not seen a replica of Snapchat: Tencent in China now has its own version of the glasses. Report by Rita Liao and Jon Russell:

Tencent, well-known for running the popular WeChat messenger in China, invested in Snap long before it was released. But when others blamed the company and stock prices struggled, Tencent was doubled. One year ago, we acquired an additional 12% stake and advised Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on product strategy. However, we can not tell if the discussions of both sides stimulated the influence of the new Tencent as a result of dealing with the glasses.

The purpose of Tencent's new device is implicit in its name. Weishi, which means "micro video" in Chinese, is also the name of a short video sharing application that Tencent has been actively promoting to catch up with recent market dominator TikTok and Kuaishou .

Artificial intelligence tools used to improve video and instant messaging on Facebook

The area of ​​artificial intelligence is so large that technology-rich platforms are making many tools open source. This week Facebook created a tool that optimizes the elements of video display and notifications.

Facebook has used this tool set internally to optimize the way it displays 360-degree video on social networks, how much bandwidth is available, and how many videos are already buffered. Our blog posts have also been used to improve the way that the same tool communicates to users through notifications. And the intelligence assistant, called M, was used to sharpen the proposition that the messenger app is available to users.

Horizon software focuses on reinforcement learning. Software is improved by trial and error.

Political Reality: The risk of losing an ad buy or election on Facebook

Even politicians who questioned on Facebook most commonly still buy advertising.

Few politicians feel they can avoid the need for advertising on Facebook. Why should we consider the ever-growing size, revenue and power? Spending your political spending across social networks on Facebook with Instagram is amazing. In 2014, digital advertising spending was 1% of all political advertising spending. According to the Responsive Politics for Center for Responsive Politics, it is now 22% (about $ 1.9 billion). Facebook reported that politicians have spent $ 300 million in the US through Facebook ads since May. As of October 30, the Democratic Party outsourced Republicans to one out of three on Facebook.

On Facebook, politicians who want to reach voters who are reaching their competitors have little choice but to go there. There is growing concern that Facebook's algorithms are actually causing political polarization and that this site will serve as a vehicle for influence by Russia and the current Iran. Facebook, the driver of our angry political debate, can be seen as benefiting from fallout.

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