One UI Makeup – Substratum/Synergy Theme v6.8 [Patched] APK Free Download

One UI makeup is a sub / synergy theme for Samsung devices that convert OneUI 100% and support 50% Aosp. One UI Makeup – Substratum / Synergy Theme v6.8 [Patched] Download the latest version of APK for Android for free. Download full APK of a UI makeup – Sub / Synergy theme v6.8 [Patched].

One UI Makeup Overview and Features – Sub-Layers / Synergy Theme v6.8 [Patched]

One UI Makeup – Before Downloading Sub / Synergy Theme v6.8 [Patched] APK, Below is a brief overview and features You can read the list.

Abstract: One UI makeup supports 100% Samsung equipment and 50% AOS that have been modified OneUI.

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The main focus of this theme is to redesign and fine-tune some elements of your app to match the following common styles . One UI, some apps / elements are not designed in one UI style, so they are more convenient in one hand than the whole UI. Use by hand. So this mode is personal taste at first. Therefore, it is not a standard theme that changes colors or backgrounds, and is mainly used when redesigning some structures.
Supported Devices:
Modifiers that support Samsung devices running OneUI and all AOS-enabled devices are 100% targeted and work on 50% of theme themes.
• The package installer, center round button and flat top bar redesign
• Dark mode adaptive package installer
• Circular keyboard for symmetrical and cool facial expressions
Redesigned app menu in changer, bottom and dark modes adaptive menu
• Adaptive dark app menu on OneUI Stocks current screen.
• Adaptive dark mode for the slider list style of the job changer
• Finds the S10 – S10Plus more symmetrically by reducing the space between the hole punch and the status bar icon.
• Prevents shrinking Quick Toggle size to a 5×3 grid for convenient use.
• Rounded Play Store element
• Easy to use game launcher in one hand Bottom game menu and bottom toolbar
• Bottom and large buttons on the Edge panel smart selection screen
• You have rounded the user interface to YouTube – Gmail – Play Store to 1.
• S10's large clock and battery text options match the large status bar
• Maintain flat appearance with the flat status bar of some third-party applications.
• The root explorer application main menu and options menu have been redesigned for ease of use.
• The Device Management default button is rounded.
Telemeg chat support:
You can use themes in a OneUI device that has roots or no roots.
1 Samsung Rooted – Roofed or Un roofed Aosp? – Activate the theme using the sub-theme engine.
2 Samsung Not Rooted? – Activate your theme using the Synergy theme compiler.
Please feel free to contact us for suggestions and bug reports.
New features:
– One-handed mode edge panel app
– One-handed operation + dark mode suitable for setting

One UI Makeup – Lower layer / Synergy theme v6.8 [Patched] APK – Technical Details

Full UI UI Makeup Start – Lower layer / Synergy theme v6.8 [Patched] Download APK,

One UI Makeup – Lower layer / Synergy theme v6.8 [Patched] APK Free Download

Can I download so excitedly? Well, click the button below to start downloading One UI Makeup – Substratum / Synergy Theme v6.8 [Patched] APK. This is a single direct link in One UI Makeup – Substratum / Synergy Theme v6.8 [Patched].


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