One Punch Man: The Road to Hero Review

The mobile game One Punch Man: The Road to Hero comes to us after the original manga and anime have become incredibly popular and have won the hearts of everyone around the world. What began as a completely casual project to try an animation tool from the creator of the series, has now become a worldwide phenomenon. However, despite its critical and commercial acclaim, One Punch Man has never made the transition to the main fill series that most franchises become, and instead chose a different path to tell their story with The best quality. Therefore, the second season of comics and cartoons had three years of preparation and only came out this year, in 2019, and now we have a video game.

Development and reception

This title was brought to us by OASIS GAMES, it comes as a faithful representation of the source material, with cut scenes and a cast of voices adopted from the anime program. In addition, the project was supervised by the creators of the phenomenon: writer ONE and illustrator Yusuke Murata. In the App Store, One Punch Man: The Road to Hero iOS has already risen to # 7 in card games and has a 4.1-star rating. On Google Play you still have to show any rating. The game application is free on both platforms.

  One Punch Man - Road to Hero Characters


The narration of this game closely follows the story of the original material. In fact, it improves by delving into the details that comics and cartoons have not yet covered. What this means is that it also delves into some periods of time that are not shown in the original material, such as what happened over those three years that Saitama trained. The gameplay will feature Saitama for sure, but it will also show other characters from the Heroes Association during that time, from Crablante.

  One Punch Man - Road to Hero Crablante

If you watched the anime or read the manga, you know that Krablante was the first villain defeated by Saitama. Saitama saved a small child with an unusually large chin. What you may have realized or not is that this child was the son of a very rich man who, inspired by the rescue of Saitama, decided to form the Association of Heroes. However, as always, Saitama did not stay to thank or acknowledge and now, three years later, nobody knows, not even him.

In addition, the story in the mobile game The Road to Hero includes the One Punch Man special offer events and short bonus episodes. The same name of the game suggests that we will take a walk through the ascension of Saitama to become the unbeatable hero that he is later, but we also jump to different points in time throughout history, and follow other characters and what they were doing during some events. We saw in the original source.

  One Punch Man - Road to Hero Cinematic


Although this title is often classified as a card game, it is actually a mixture of a hero collector, turn-based strategy, RPG and an adventure . The gameplay alone is divided between several aspects and players are presented with a configuration in battle, but they can also move their characters one to a map, similar to what other titles look for. And, the story mode is also divided into chapters that Saitama went through on his way to the hero, who again follow the story presented in the manga and anime, but present other characters and what they have done to say off the screen.

  One Punch Man - Game on the way to the hero

In addition, you pick up your manga and anime heroes and also evolve and improve as you progress through the game. Now, the whole portion out of combat is quite well thought out and organized. The user interface is very easy to use and the game presents many things that have to do with various types of resources and rewards. Players can also go to random stages, erase all chapters, train characters, change their equipment and accessories, and much more.

  One Punch Man - Road to Hero Gameplay-1

From the beginning, One Punch Man: The Road to Hero looks like a mobile game with the greatest number of game modes and opportunities for players in a long time. However, at the center of everything is, of course, combat and is performed in a very familiar style of Summoners War. It is a turn-based environment with characters that have special skills and abilities, all controlled by the player. There is also the option of Auto Combat if you don't like to record your screen.


As with the game modes, the appearance and graphics of this game look extremely good. There has not been a mobile game in a long time that has presented this type of models and rendering. In fact, the mobile game One Punch Man looks better than the anime that we dare to say, maybe … Of course, everything seems true to the original content, simply polished to perfection. And, the music is also the same …

  One Punch Man - Road to Hero Map View


OASIS GAMES managed to delight everyone with this licensed mobile game One Punch Man: The Road to Hero complete. His appearance, feeling, faithful representation of the original and the general style of following the story worked incredibly well. As for the comic and cartoon adaptations for mobile games, this is one of the best! It is bound to keep you entertained and entertained. We have launched the second season of the series in early 2019, and now is the perfect finish.

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