On bitcoin’s 10th birthday, JP Morgan CEO says he doesn’t ‘really give a shit’ about it

JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Dimon says he does not "really shit" Bitcoin, a recent harsh commentary on popular decryption. Dimon apologized for calling Bitcoin a "fraud" and kept silent for a while, then yesterday at the Axios conference.

In September, Dimon ignored his opinion and said, "It will not be over, someone will be murdered." But until January, he regrets his opinion and acknowledges that the "block chain is real" did. He kept quiet about this subject until August when Bitcoin declared "fraud".

Despite the CEO 's negative outlook on bit coin, JP Morgan is still investing time. Money as related technology. The company announced last week that it has built a block-chain platform called Quorum based on Ethereum for enterprise customers. The company suggested offering a digital token backed by gold and diamond to the platform.

There is a conflict between decrypting traders and traditional banks and financial figures such as JP Morgan and Warren Buffett. Dimon's comment summarizes how traditional banking institutions are not as mature as their relationship, because of the importance of financially volatile cryptocurrency and the tendency to watch out for distributed financial structures when block chains achieve their goals. Bitcoin lost a little bit of light because it had the best price ever in the price of over $ 20,000 earlier this year.

Daiman's comments coincide with Bitcoin's 10th anniversary. Ten years ago, a group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto released a bitco white paper detailing the new "peer-to-peer" electronic cash system. Since then Bitcoin's popularity And many other calls to CreepTalk, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, etc.

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