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Released in 2012, Raspberry Pi continues to offer a small, easy-to-use, affordable single-board computing platform. This device is available at low cost to designers, developers and beginners who want to integrate the Pi system into the product.

Pi evolved from a simple single-board computer to powerful 3A + and 3B + models, but today's computing performance is not comparable to what can be seen on modern high-end boards like the Nvidia Jetson Nano. Nvidia Jetson Nano – Raspberry Pie in Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia Jetson Nano, introduced in early 2019, has gained tremendous popularity, I think I know why. Nvidia has been engaged in artificial intelligence and machine learning games for many years. In early 2015, the company launched its first AI-based module, the Jetson TX1, as a solution for Drones, robots and self-driving vehicles. The project was very successful, but the price was $ 599, which was too expensive for both developers and enthusiasts.

 Nvidia Jetson Nano

Nvidia had to set up a new board. AI can be utilized and price accepted to accommodate all users. Jetson Nano was born.

Jetson Nano is a single board computer, roughly Raspberry Pi size, aimed at artificial intelligence and machine learning. This $ 99 Computing Development Kit is a true powerhouse, and Nvidia's artificial intelligence and GPUs help bring single-board computing to a whole new level.

Nvidia Jetson Nano vs. Raspberry Pi: Specs

The Jetson Nano and Pi Power is great for both power users and enthusiasts, and thanks to powerful GPU and AI features, the electronics are ahead. The Raspberry Pi Model 3B + includes an upgraded 64-bit quad-core A53 (ARMV8) Broadcom processor clocked at 1.4Ghz, 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM, 40-pin GPIO header, dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless LAN, HDMI and Bluetooth. 4.2 Support

 Raspberry Pi

On the other hand, Jetson Nano takes machine learning seriously. It boasts Nvidia Maxwell 128 CUDA core GPU optimized for machine learning.

Powering the GPU is a 64-bit quad-core Cortex A57 CPU and a huge 4GB of RAM, which provides 472GFLOPS for AI performance and is the opposite of the 21.4GFLOP from the Raspberry Pi model 3B +. The Rasberry Pi 3+ is built on the same architecture, but offers only 1GB of RAM. This makes Pi ideal for basic tasks, but can be difficult to use in a desktop environment. With Jetson Nano's 4GB of RAM and a more powerful CPU, it is better to do heavy work and run the desktop environment.

Jetson Nano's artificial intelligence shines in connection with video processing. This board uses parallel neural networks to process multiple video and sensors simultaneously. It can handle up to eight video / camera feeds (unmanned photos with multiple lenses) at a time, and uses machine learning algorithms to detect and track images. This chart shows how Nvidia Jetson Nano stacks up against Raspberry Pi Model 3A + and 3B +.

The Verdict

The chart above does not actually compare AI performance. At 472 GFLOPs, the Jetson Nano is almost 22 times stronger than the Pi model, which offers up to 21.5 GFLOP. If you are looking for an AI-based single board computer, Jetson Nano is your best choice.

However, Raspberry Pi has the advantage of being a solid choice in many scenarios.

For example, despite its power and AI capabilities, the Jetson Nano lacks a wireless LAN. By contrast, both raspberry pies have built-in Wi-Fi. The new Ethernet controller also provides gigabit connectivity at a maximum throughput of 300 Mb / s and is much faster than the Jetson Nano.

As far as the connection is concerned, Raspberry Pi has the advantage of providing four USB 2.0 ports. So which one is the better choice at Jetson Nano which provides three ports? It will boil according to your personal preferences.

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