Nvidia is introducing a new game ready driver update for Gamescom. It includes a new ultra-low latency mode, integer scaling for retro games, and a new image sharpening feature

Nvidia is releasing a major driver update for graphics cards this week to match Gamescom. Called “Gamescom Game Ready Driver,” the 436.02 update includes a new ultra low latency mode, integer scaling, and a new freestyle sharpening filter. Nvidia also promises up to 23% frame rate improvement for the Apex Legends Battlefield V Forza Horizon 4 Strange Brigade, and . World War Z.

Nvidia's new ultra-low latency mode is new and designed for competitive gamers. It's a setting that can reduce latency by up to 33% and uses "on-time" technology to submit "frames to be rendered just before the GPU needs them". Nvidia used the pre-rendered max frame option. European gamer explains that this new latency mode changes frames so that they are created just before the frames are needed by changing the interval of frames.

This new feature is even more noticeable in games bound to GPUs. According to Nvidia, it runs between 60 and 100 fps. Very low latency mode works with DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 titles, but DirectX 12 and Vulkan games decide when to queue frames.

nvidia is introducing a new game ready driver update for gamescom it includes a new ultra low latency mode integer scaling for retro games and a new image sharpening feature

Pixels art fans are happy to know that Nvidia is introducing GPU integer scaling with this new feature. driver. You can expand pixel art or retro games without blurring, and fans of FTL Hotline Miami and Terarria contacted Nvidia. Implement for many years. Available on NVIDIA's Turing cards, you can also use GeForce RTX or GeForce GTX 16-series GPUs.

Nvidia also introduced a new sharpening freestyle filter that appears to be in response to AMD's Radeon image sharpening feature. Nvidia's filters are designed to improve the image quality of previous "detailed" filters. Nvidia said, “The impact on performance is half that of traditional filters. The sharpness level can be customized and supports more than 600 games using DirectX 9, DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and Vulkan API.

Nvidia is expanding its G-Sync compatibility list in addition to these performance and feature changes. Includes Asus VG27A and Acer CP3271 / XB273K GP Monitors. The 30-bit color feature previously limited to Nvidia's Studio driver is also included in this game ready driver. You can download Nvidia's 436.02 WHQL driver at 9am (ET) and 6am PST in the company's GeForce Experience app.

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