Nvidia is bringing ray tracing to more classic PC titles

Earlier this year, Nvidia's Lightspeed Studios revitalized a classic by giving the seminal first-person shooter of ID Quake II Software a RTX-enabled makeover. This effectively gave a 20-year title the power to bring modern gaming PCs to their knees when playing at high resolutions.

Now, the study plans to remaster a series of other beloved PC titles in the same way, according to a new list of works that was discovered by DSOGaming.

"We are selecting some of the best titles of the last decades and taking them to the era of ray tracing, giving them cutting-edge images while maintaining the gameplay that made them great," said the description of Nvidia's work.

So far, the study has offered no clue as to what games will be introduced in the era of ray tracing, although the job description mocks "a title you know and love" as a starting point.

What is ray tracing?

Described as one of the most significant advances in graphic technology, ray tracing allows games to portray incredibly realistic lights, shadows and reflections.

A disadvantage of ray tracing is that it requires an incredible amount of computing power to achieve its complex lighting calculations. You will also need a video card that supports ray tracing, such as the range of Nvidia RTX graphics cards or AMD Ryzen 5 3600X.

To give you an idea of ​​how technology affects game performance, we have tested ray tracing in Control on PC with each Nvidia RTX Super card.

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