npm uninstall co-founder –global: Laurie Voss rides off into the sunset waving goodbye

Laurie Voss, co-founder and data director of the widely-used JavaScript package registry NPM Inc., today announced in a blog post that she left the company on July 1.

Voss said he made the decision in early May. . Shortly after The Register reported that the firing of five NPM employees had followed internal discussions about unionization. The NPM recently resolved labor claims filed by three former employees through the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Voss told The Register that he supported the unions, echoing of statements made to that effect on social media.

"Regarding the labor dispute, I will say that I have always supported the unions, I think they are great, and at no time during my time at NPM, someone came to I propose a union," he said. "If they had, I would have been in favor, this was a total surprise for me."

A former staff member said The Register that employees tend not to talk to management about unionized efforts for fear of the exact kind of retaliation cited in the grievances of dismissed NLRB workers. Other Familiar with the situation at NPM have suggested that Voss felt uncomfortable defending the company's recent actions and impotent to affect the change.

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In its publication, Voss projects NPM's business prospects in an optimistic light. The company's paid products have "tens of thousands of happy users and their revenues sustain our core operations," he said.

It was reported that a recent round of NPM financing gives the company enough cash to continue operating until the beginning of 2020. And during the NLRB proceedings, the company attempted to delay the hearing because CEO Brian Bogensberger and the Director of Dawn Umlah operations had plans to travel for greater fundraising.

Bogensberger was hired last year and was announced in January with the mandate to increase revenues and the company. profits: millions of developers use the service to obtain JavaScript packages for their applications, but payment for the company's nascent business service does not seem sufficient. The organizational changes that followed led to the terminations and departures of executives and technical personnel, and to the rejection of employees against working conditions under the new regime.

As The Register understands, employees were not informed of Voss. The announcement went ahead and the company tried to delay the news while it was in liquidation talks with the National Labor Relations Board and its fired employees.

Former employees do not stop

Voss's announcement has been received with so much appreciation for his achievements and the disappointment of not having more strongly defended his declared values.

"No one outside the company, and not everyone inside it, fully understands how much Laurie was the brain and conscience of NPM," Jonathan Cowper Thwait, the former vice president of marketing for NPM, told ] The Register .

CJ Silverio, senior engineer at Eaze who served as CTO of NPM until he was fired late last year, due to disagreements with the Bogensberger administration, offered a less charitable evaluation.

"He lost his opportunities to convert his spoken values ​​into lived values, but I think it's good that he finally came out," he said. "Maybe I can start making peace now."

When asked if Voss's departure would affect the company's financial prospects, Silverio said she was not sure if her absence would matter much to NPM's daily operations. [19659002] "Bogensberger marginalized him almost immediately to get him out of the way, so the company probably will not notice the march," he said.

"What should affect fundraising is the huge brain drain that the company has experienced, with" the entire CLI team is gone, and the registration team is constantly leaving. At some point, they will have lost institutional knowledge quickly enough that even new hires will have a hard time figuring out how to deal. "

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She added that she has heard rumors that Bogensberger and Ahmad Nassri, CTO of NPM, want to eliminate public record npm – presumably leaving only one service paid company that does not make sense to her, she said, since it would "kill her only competitive advantage."

The Registry requested comments from NPM but the company has not answered the questions since our Report of June 14.

If the public record of npm disappeared, there are alternatives in the works, including a projected headed by Silverio and the one also developed or Chris Dickinson called Entropic.

Voss, however, continues to believe that a company The entity has the best opportunity to serve the JavaScript development community.

"As for the alternatives, the reason I co-founded NPM as a company (and not, say, a foundation or a system of voluntary mirrors or other available models).) Is because I think it's the best way to manage the challenges of the immense npm scale (3 times larger than any other record) and the tremendous growth of npm (8 percent from month to month … forever … it's pretty fast!), "he said.

"Creating a company to manage" An open source source creates some tensions and challenges, it is not a perfect solution, but it is better than any other solution I can think of, and none of the proposed alternatives has seemed so good or almost as good. "®

Balance consumerization and corporate control.

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