Now that the crowd is here, the fun can begin in MapleStory 2

When Maple Story 2 was released worldwide in October, I could not decide if I wanted to play it. I had been eagerly anticipating since I started in Korea in 2015, but now I had to make sure that friends and boyfriends I met in the original MapleStory were trying to join. I will have guilds and people join the quest.

It was not long before I was bored. Maple's world was lonely because few people were approved as beta testers during the beta testing this May. In the weeks leading up to the global launch of MapleStory 2 no one has ever spoken a word on my Discord channel. Nobody cared. Including me – I sat comfortably on PS4 this winter and wanted to do a visual novel.

During this time of the end of September I went on a three-week vacation while surfing the web via VPN. I am not interested in Google or Discord while I am in China. As old fans decided to start the game, seems to have missed a sharp hype around MapleStory 2 . My obsession was Meituan, a food delivery app that offers midnight snacks from Taobao, a shopping app in China, to a 2 to 3 RMB service rate ($ 0.29 to $ 0.44). I rarely knew my entire dispatch horde was busy to buy a pack of founders who designed a little-like house, bought cute clothes, and upgraded their weapons. Image Image: Nexon

But after arriving back in New York, I knew that my friends were using real names as their usernames. A short, crisp, five-letter name that includes a reference to the initial animation, the tweet stream, and the company value. (The last one was my boyfriend who came back from China and bought the account of the founder from the black market, tried to find the male ID, and settled on the value of his company's accountability. . Yes, I know.)

Making my account quick was of paramount importance. So immediately I began training and leveling my personality (priest) until I was 50 years old. It was just plagued by her insufficient damage. I started again and set my visibility to another character, a more powerful class. I argued whether it was an assassin, a wizard, or two strange hybrids: a rune blader. I went randomly with the wizard and did not pick a user name. This is when the pleasure of MapleStory 2 unexpectedly unfolded.

MapleStory 2 has already been beta tested . I know what this game is and I know what happens when I go to the end. It's boring, lonely, and there's nothing we can do to explore the world. But the beta version is missing – MapleStory MapleStory The community of children and teenagers who grew up as college students and young professionals meant that they were shelling the game.

It is a thrill. Knowing others is also trying their best to find the most evil or the most lovable and clever name, and whenever you are looking for a party quest, five other strangers will immediately join you. These are things that make this game meaningful. I have tried several hours of cool words that I can think of until I finally get to the four-character user name that others have not had yet. Leit, in leitmotif. (We have also created a character called Enlarge and Colonial, but it's not clear.)

now that the crowd is here the fun can begin in maplestory 2

Image: Nexon

In the beta version, we could actually use almost every word, and it was a joy. Exquisite hunting. The same is true of building houses. You have plenty of room and furniture, but if you do not knock on your door, it is tedious to place bricks and complex details.

MapleStory 2 How many people live or die depending on how they play together. As with most large multiplayer games, Maple's fan base is mainly those who grew up with the original, especially because they enjoy perfume elements. No one is dealing with the quests and content of Maple .

One of the most popular activities of MapleStory remains that way in the sequel. Stand physically in the middle of the city while away from the game. You may not play, but you show spectators appearance and statistics. It is not very attractive when no one is watching.

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