Not even remotely right

A few minutes before a large meeting in a remote office, attendees frantically search for the long HDMI cable that is supposed to be connected to the large flat screen TV in the conference room. They need it to be able to connect a laptop to show a presentation, they say to pilot fish, which is on the phone in the main office. Fish knows the remote location well enough to be able to guide users to several IT caches, where they could find a replacement. When that does not work, fish manages to cannibalize another configuration for its HDMI cable. It's shorter, but they can make it work by having the presenter stand next to the TV with the laptop.

They feel relieved, because now all the attendees will be able to see the presentation.

And, in an aside from the fish, one adds: "Including those that connect from the main office, right?"

"Uh, no, that will not work," I tell them.

Why? Do you also need an HDMI cable?

No, it's not the cable, it weighs sighs. It was never the cable. Fish then quickly guides them through the configuration of a Skype meeting, inviting both conference rooms and having the presenter click on "Share my screen." Luckily, it shoots without problems.

And Fish makes a mental note to schedule a Skype Training Session for some key administrators.

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